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  2. NOPE! Happy Friday everybody!
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  3. Nope. Smoking is not an option.
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  7. Another glorious start to the day with all these beautiful messages. Thanks everyone for the love and encouragement. I am humbled and thankful that you feel I have been able to contribute to this amazing forum in any way. Trust me, in doing the teeny tiny bit I could, I was actually helping myself because it put so many things in perspective for me. Celebrating milestones with everyone helps me realize the bravery and grit so many of you have, overcoming far tougher challenges that me, and still sticking to your quit. That gives me the strength to go on. Reading and responding (whe
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  9. Yay Tammy! You have a great quit going, enjoy your whiskey tonight
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  10. Apples release flavonoids in the bloodstream which reduces the stickiness of the bloods clotting mechanism thus allowing blood to flow freely and not clot at inappropriate places so preventing strokes and keeping the Dr away from you . Dark chocolate does the same thing. (sorry it wasn't a very silly answer) where can I get a chocolate covered apple at this time of day ?
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  11. So, there you have it Del. All the realities about smoking but is that really what you wanted to hear? Plain fact is YOU can quit just as all of us have but you have to want to quit MORE than you want to smoke. It will take time to retrain your brain to function normally without smoking but it does happen for all of us given enough time not smoking. That's the process you too need to follow. No Smoking while that adjustment happens for you so, what will it be Del? It's completely up to you now. One thing I can assure you is you will get all the support you will need here should you continue t
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  12. 8 Aww I'm ok Thank You ..hope you are too !!!
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  13. Awesome job Tammy -- going good now. Make sure you take time to celebrate -- you deserve it!!!
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  14. Congratulations Tammy! You are doing great!
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  15. Good job Tammy. You've built a rock-solid quit for yourself.
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  16. Hey Tam, congratulations on 8 months! Thanks for all your encouraging words and for being the example that you are. Whisky alone doesnt cut it though! We need Jane here, to encourage you to throw glitter all over the place and to tell the world its YOU who made it to eight months!! Yaaay! Here's some for you:
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  17. Congrats, Tammy. 8 months already, awesome
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  18. Congratulations Tammy. You have been an inspiration to me on my journey. As you continue, know that I am just on your heels!
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  19. 8 Morning Doreen, how are you?
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