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    You home from hossy?.... Don't push yourself too hard on the recovery.. you're being much to stoic... It's cool to take time to heal.. NOPE, you won't loose ya bloke card.
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    G’day sore and tired But Still Full of NOPE! C
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    It was a wonderful day and felt so good walking among the landscapes of flowers, bushes and trees. Did not buy anything special but our bag was full of pamphlets about landscaping and home improvement. There are a few more things we need to do to our home before my husband retires. Of course it turned cold and snowed all the way home. If you are familiar with groundhog day, our groundhog saw his little old shadow, which mean only four more weeks of winter.
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    My husband and I at the Home and Flower Show. Getting a taste of Spring
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    You two are a great looking couple, hope you had fun
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    I bet that was lots of fun after all your snow and the great bleak season upon you. Y'all look good. What's in the bag ?
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    oh. ok. you have to be really careful with jokes on the net, they often don't read well at all.
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    I love this post...at the beginning some craziness is needed.. Besides music blasting down my ears..probably damaged them.lol... I drew a face on a pillow with a marker pen.... And punching hell out not it.....sending it flying through the air..or lying it on the bed and punching away for all my life.. Oh it felt good...
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