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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    Greetings NOPErs...today is a whole heap of specials but none of them interested me....so here is a fun fact...cos if you don't learn something new every day you wasted 24hours....so boys and girls did you know that there were American and Canadian convicts sent to Australia by those pesky Brits.... Of course they were political prisoners, no stealing a loaf of bread for theses guys...oh side bar - stealing food would see you get 7 years transportation, 15 for meat...but if you stole a whip? That was life....back on track, so most of the Canadian's sent here were French Canadians .. the Americans were all patriots who had been captured .... Some were just Americans who happened to be in Canada (well the British part, upper Canada)...any way the boat took the yanks to Van Demon's Land (Tassie)...but the French Canadians went to NSW...which is why it has Canada Bay, French Bay and Exile Bay. So all up there were 92 American Patriot exiles and 58 French Canadians....the French Canadians were treated better, pardoned sooner and offered assisted passage home, only 2 chose to stay here.....the Americans had it much harder, 15 died, and while most were pardoned they were offered no assistance to get home....that said, while some chose to stay on the mainland most made their way home and one stayed in Tassie. NOPE... Not even knowing there were convicts in the bloodline
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    You home from hossy?.... Don't push yourself too hard on the recovery.. you're being much to stoic... It's cool to take time to heal.. NOPE, you won't loose ya bloke card.
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    It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a smoke.That’s roughly 15,000 cigarettes not smoked. That number blows my mind. 2 years since I decided that living is more important than choosing to slowly kill myself. 2 years since I decided it was more important to grow old with the one that I love than to put something in my mouth and light it on fire. It seems so long ago and far away that I hardly remember what it was like to be a smoker and sometimes even forget that I was. 2 years of freedom It makes me mad that my old man, who was a hell of a lot tougher than I am, couldn’t quit. He’d give it up for lent every year (and what a miserable 40 days that was), but he’d start right back up every time. It makes me sad that he chose smoking over me and my brothers and sisters. Cigarettes were more important than living to see his children and grandchildren grow old. He smoked up to his final days and took his last breath at the age of 56. I think he would have been a cool old man, but I’ll never know. **** cigarettes
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    Benefits after Five years ? Continued improvements in breathing and skin tone, taste and scent also, heart and circulation. My flu or colds do not degenerate into bronchitis. I have no cough. I never think about smoking anymore. I may have a vague memory, 'oh, I used to smoke during moments like this' but, this is without temptation or desire. As the years go by, I am prouder and prouder of myself for dealing successfully with my nicotine addiction and have greater compassion for those still in the throes of addiction.
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    NOPE @Cbdave - what's up with the date? Have we traveled back in time? ?
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    G’day sore and tired But Still Full of NOPE! C
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    G’day Still smiling and holding hands GoodOnYa... C
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    It was a wonderful day and felt so good walking among the landscapes of flowers, bushes and trees. Did not buy anything special but our bag was full of pamphlets about landscaping and home improvement. There are a few more things we need to do to our home before my husband retires. Of course it turned cold and snowed all the way home. If you are familiar with groundhog day, our groundhog saw his little old shadow, which mean only four more weeks of winter.
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    Yeee Hawwww, Doreen were did you get My work out video ? Yes Yes yes and one More Yes a whole month Baby
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    Boo....Hasn't always been a Water Baby....!!!!!
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    Aww Hi Sweetie....you both look great ...
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    My husband and I at the Home and Flower Show. Getting a taste of Spring
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    You two are a great looking couple, hope you had fun
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    I bet that was lots of fun after all your snow and the great bleak season upon you. Y'all look good. What's in the bag ?
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    Not the I was in this group, but wouldn't be without responcibilities ? But then it hits you, wether you want it to or not, Reality
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    Doreen loves her sausage
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    Jillar, growinup down south she was often in charge of dinner....
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    Nope. Even with more snow coming. Nope. Smoking is just not an option.
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