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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    Greetings NOPErs...today is a whole heap of specials but none of them interested me....so here is a fun fact...cos if you don't learn something new every day you wasted 24hours....so boys and girls did you know that there were American and Canadian convicts sent to Australia by those pesky Brits.... Of course they were political prisoners, no stealing a loaf of bread for theses guys...oh side bar - stealing food would see you get 7 years transportation, 15 for meat...but if you stole a whip? That was life....back on track, so most of the Canadian's sent here were French Canadians .. the Americans were all patriots who had been captured .... Some were just Americans who happened to be in Canada (well the British part, upper Canada)...any way the boat took the yanks to Van Demon's Land (Tassie)...but the French Canadians went to NSW...which is why it has Canada Bay, French Bay and Exile Bay. So all up there were 92 American Patriot exiles and 58 French Canadians....the French Canadians were treated better, pardoned sooner and offered assisted passage home, only 2 chose to stay here.....the Americans had it much harder, 15 died, and while most were pardoned they were offered no assistance to get home....that said, while some chose to stay on the mainland most made their way home and one stayed in Tassie. NOPE... Not even knowing there were convicts in the bloodline
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    You home from hossy?.... Don't push yourself too hard on the recovery.. you're being much to stoic... It's cool to take time to heal.. NOPE, you won't loose ya bloke card.
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    It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a smoke.That’s roughly 15,000 cigarettes not smoked. That number blows my mind. 2 years since I decided that living is more important than choosing to slowly kill myself. 2 years since I decided it was more important to grow old with the one that I love than to put something in my mouth and light it on fire. It seems so long ago and far away that I hardly remember what it was like to be a smoker and sometimes even forget that I was. 2 years of freedom It makes me mad that my old man, who was a hell of a lot tougher than I am, couldn’t quit. He’d give it up for lent every year (and what a miserable 40 days that was), but he’d start right back up every time. It makes me sad that he chose smoking over me and my brothers and sisters. Cigarettes were more important than living to see his children and grandchildren grow old. He smoked up to his final days and took his last breath at the age of 56. I think he would have been a cool old man, but I’ll never know. **** cigarettes
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    Benefits after Five years ? Continued improvements in breathing and skin tone, taste and scent also, heart and circulation. My flu or colds do not degenerate into bronchitis. I have no cough. I never think about smoking anymore. I may have a vague memory, 'oh, I used to smoke during moments like this' but, this is without temptation or desire. As the years go by, I am prouder and prouder of myself for dealing successfully with my nicotine addiction and have greater compassion for those still in the throes of addiction.
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    NOPE @Cbdave - what's up with the date? Have we traveled back in time? ?
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    G’day sore and tired But Still Full of NOPE! C
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    G’day Still smiling and holding hands GoodOnYa... C
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    Yeee Hawwww, Doreen were did you get My work out video ? Yes Yes yes and one More Yes a whole month Baby
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    Boo....Hasn't always been a Water Baby....!!!!!
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    My husband and I at the Home and Flower Show. Getting a taste of Spring
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    Aww Hi Sweetie....you both look great ...
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    I bet that was lots of fun after all your snow and the great bleak season upon you. Y'all look good. What's in the bag ?
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    Congratulations @Rozuki on 2 years smoke free!!! Well done Roz, what a wonderful quit you have going on. Your second year has certainly been eventful, getting your ticker serviced, retiring, relaxing by the pool. We are so lucky to have you still here sharing your journey, creatively NOPEing every day (your NOPEs were one of the things to inspire me as a real newbie) and supporting those coming behind you. So sit back, relaxing in your special 2nd year recliner, and enjoy as we raise a toast. Oh and don't forget to do something super special to celebrate your 2 years... and tell us just what you have planned, we would love to know.
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    Not the I was in this group, but wouldn't be without responcibilities ? But then it hits you, wether you want it to or not, Reality
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    She hasn't quit yet as far as I know.
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    Risking to come across as a raging Newborn Quitter... but heck, what an amazing load of bs goes around about quitting! 'It takes multiple tries to quit and that's ok!, 'Nicotine calms you down!' (Yes!! When you inhale that shit, AFTER you once started! It's like... an addiction duhhh!! Otherwise it does nothing for you!). You were born without it, ffs. This sentence, quote website NiQuitin -> 'Als je een regelmatige roker bent, is de kans groot dat het missen van je regelmatige shot nicotine leidt tot een sterk verlangen naar een sigaret.' Translates to, 'if you are regular smoker, there's a good chance that missing out on your regular shot of nicotine leads to a strong desire for a cigaret'. Wait, what..? Isn't that the whole fckn point? Seriously, who do they think they are adressing, toddlers? This is what makes it an addiction! Besides, 'a good chance..' implicates there's room for doubt, for dreaming about being able to control the yearning. I did that for years and it made me totally hopeless. It's crazy how much of this so called information gives a consistent message of how hard it is to quit, how understandable it is to fail, how it's basically ok to be a helpless victim, or even in the case of many vaping websites, to be proud to belong to this new generation of 'aware vapers'.... more enslaved than ever. I remember earlier in my quit people said, be mad. Understand what's happening, how they do it, educate yourself and be angry! I think this is that. What you were talking about. It's crazy. I can't unsee it anymore. I don't need that shit in my body, I don't need it to poison my mind. The nicotine business, whether it's cigarettes, vaping, chewing, gum or you name it, that business is sick to it's core. There's people making zillions out of it and I walked straight in line... Never, never ever again.
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    this is a good post
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    Have you quit Mona?.....I'm confused ..I've read on another thread your nearing your celebration day ..is this your Quit or the Lido ... Have you thought about a ticker ...it really does help ...it's great watching it move along ...
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    Congratulations Rozuki on 2 years! Awesome job!
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    G’day Healthier ....does that mean the home made garlic yogurt doesn’t repeat as much as the one you get at the truck at the side of the road at 2 AM. I hope so cause that stuff is really bad. Can’t be the beverages cause they are barley based and the burps taste like garlic.... lots. C
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    Souvlaki Salad....slow cooked Greek style lamb, lettuce, onion, cucumber, capsicum (bell pepper), tomato, pita bread, little bit of greater cheese and home made yoghurt sauce, even made the yoghurt....much healthier than last night.
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    I can relate to that Linda, this getting older stuff sucks lol. I'm glad you got a glimpse of spring in the middle of your snowy weather though
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    Thanks, you could be good for my ego. We both are getting out of shape and feeling old. It felt good to walk through the landscapes. The flowers smelled wonderful. Of course it snowed all the way home.
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    Doreen loves her sausage
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    Jillar, growinup down south she was often in charge of dinner....
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    Thanks, guys and gals of QT! Woo Hoo...2 whole years quit!! I am so lucky that I quit my 40+ year addiction when I did! @notsmokinjo, you certainly got the highlights of my 2nd year on the QTrain in a nutshell (and I thought my 1st year was crazy? Silly me!) "One day at a time" was my mantra at the start of my quit journey, still is! Oh, I so remember what the first days, weeks, months were like...would the anxiety never end? Through the information here, I was able to educate myself about my addiction and it gave me the tools to be successful...this would be my 3rd try and it was literally, do or die!! My reward has been watching my savings grow, looking better and feeling better both physically and mentally! PS. It really does get easier as the days add up!!! If you don't have a ticker in your signature....get one!!! I joined Planet Fitness last month, so my cardio rehab continues! I look forward to Spring ...because it means I can get back into my gardens and get things spruced up for when I relax by my pool! ?
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    Notsmokingjo taking her weekly bath
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    Yayyyyyyyyyyy Well done Opah ?
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    I love this post...at the beginning some craziness is needed.. Besides music blasting down my ears..probably damaged them.lol... I drew a face on a pillow with a marker pen.... And punching hell out not it.....sending it flying through the air..or lying it on the bed and punching away for all my life.. Oh it felt good...
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