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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore. Happy Friday, everybody!
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    Gday Got the other carotid artery cleared yesterday. Manager to get out the drain and various tubes and wires off this morning. And just then.... Oooo pleasure.... a shower....by myself even. Got my big boys underpants on but still have the hospital robe with the bum freezer opening. Off for a walk down the passageways a bit later just that the head nurse doesn’t know it yet life’s sweet Chris
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    Gday Not One Puff E...... Remember insert Ever, Day, hour or min as required C
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    You can't get people to quit, they have to decide to on their own
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    Moo ve over cat face. Your speaking with a genuine super hero and brain washing is my special power. Ask my three wives. If I can get you to think it....it's real. And dental embarrassment is the new idea. Insulting others is just the by product. So if your from Kentucky and love both front teeth, don't smoke.
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    Snoop Dog. Man take that shit outside.
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    How this for a great piece of editing, it makes me smile
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    G’day Harry like most Poms ( brits or welsh in his case) would have to have totally retrained on bathing. In the Aussie heat he would smell like a Congo drummers armpit within the day. “ you don’t wait to be told you need parmolive gold” C
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