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    Gday Not One Puff E...... Remember insert Ever, Day, hour or min as required C
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    Greetings NOPErs.. Saturday 9th of February is "Read a Book in the Bath Day"..... hmmmm yeah, nah, that's a NOPE.... many a book has been sacrificed on the alter of reading in the bath.... it always seems like such a fun idea and then without fail there are the wet pages and the warping and well NOPE I've learnt my lesson... so listen to Aunty Jo boys and girls... reading a book in the bath day can be skipped with total impunity. NOPE ... there's no way never, no way never no more!
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    People putting disgusting things in their mouths is hardly new if there is a perceived benefit. Also, I noticed you didn't say ex-wives... so... umm... you from Utah?
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    You can't get people to quit, they have to decide to on their own
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    Congratulations @GraceLove for being 2 Years Smoke Free Well done Grace for have a wonderful 2 year quit. We hope you do something special to celebrate and it would be great to hear how you have rewarded yourself.
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    Congratulations @Niecie for being smoke free for 2 years. Well done Niecie on have two wonderful years of freedom. We hope all is well and would love to know how you celebrated.
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    Nothing is better than sex, an if ya say so ya doin it wrong ??
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    ^^ I think LuckyJoe has my back.... how could I miss a sexting..... Oh yum, isn't he sex on a stick!
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    Wham bam thank you ma'am
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    How this for a great piece of editing, it makes me smile
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    Well friends, I have become one of them. One of what you ask? One of those folks about to rant about smokers :-) I took a quick little trip down to the Dominican Republic where I got to take in some vitamin sea (see what I did there :-)). I walked a ton, and checked out as much of the local fare as I could. I was astonished that while eating supper there were people smoking at the tables all around me. While I was playing guitar a couple of nights at local bars, people were smoking two feet away from me. Imagine, while I was trying to entertain these wonderful folks, there was a grey haze three feet from the ceiling. Everywhere I went, the beach, the bars, the pool, the ....... everywhere were people smoking three to five cigarettes an hour. It was overwhelming. Not in the way of "wow do I need a smoke', it was more like 'I'm dying a little every time I breathe. For nearly a week after my little adventure, I felt that I was trying to soft cough up something in my lungs that I hadn't experienced in a long while. I'm taking this as a hugely positive experience. I played (guitar and sang) at two bars while I was in the Dominican and I had a blast. I enjoyed the local people, the beaches and bars, and all the expats that I got to meet. I also didn't smoke. Not a single puff. Not only that, but I didn't obsess about smoking at any point. All the smokers around me, and all the smoking triggers and situations, yet it wasn't an issue for more than a fleeting moment. My journey continues and I appreciate the friendship and support all you folks offer Peace Rory
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    ^^Jo - I remember posting an Australian poster about US service men during WWII in the 1-20000 game that said "over sexed, over paid and over here" It was all sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll
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    Congratulations gracelove! Two years quit is awesome!
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    All we really have to do is send those boffins in Canberra a copy of the article and let them think somewhere else in the world is going to be the first in the world to do something against smoking and they'll be on it like nobodies tomorrow..... can't have anyone else in the world beat us to the anti-tobacco punch.
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    I think you've had enough ?
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    Planing for Two Job interviews, figuring how make the most out of my Health Insurance and FSA before they get turned off First time I have had time before I became unemployeed ? It is a Dummer, But then again it sure it better than waking up to a Pink Adios letter.
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    G’day Jo sorry don’t know I’m still in post op so I’ve goggled on my phone looks like the heat by 10 wickets.... that’s cricket C
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    So glad your procedure went well. Can't remember what your vote was last month. The boxers or the tightie whities? I am sure you look good in either. Please take care. I am enjoying you on my quit journey.
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    Those who argue that cigarette smoking is a form of freedom (or that smoking bans restrict freedom) are, unfortunately, arguing in favor of their victimization precisely in the way that the billions of tobacco marketing $$$ have hoped. And the libertarian argument that the government shouldn't be involved in regulating/prohibiting substances is an interesting one; however, in order to use it in this case, you'd also need to allow, then, that things like methamphetamine and heroin should be decriminalized and readily available as well. You're comfortable with that? Commercial tobacco is a product unlike almost any other: it is purposefully designed for maximum addictiveness, and normal use of it leads to death. Hence, extraordinary remedies--e.g,, eliminating the product in a scaled way from the marketplace--are needed. Christian99 17 Years Quit
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    That's it? One like? Nobody offended? Nothing to say? P!ace is getting boring
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    One is never "helped" by taking away freedoms. EZPZ
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    Since ive been sick with a chest cold it reminded me of the daily phlegmy cough that grossed my husband out. Or laughing and gurgling, gross!
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    When I was 11 and started to smoke ...I took some smokes out of my Mum and Dad's packets ...they never knew ....
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    Vote?...oh there will be no vote... All though Canada does pretty well out of the plan.... They are some what contingent to its success....let's face it the kiwis come out of the best after the ... Um ..operational shift in the world than any country other than us...but the Canadians do or right... I've said to much.... It is kinda a bit scarey that part of me doesn't want to share too much because this plan is doable and we'll you just never know.
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    If you can learn to say; "Holy F*** It's cold!!!" You can move to Canada!
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    I can learn to say G/Day instead Hi Lar.!!!!
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    I formulated a plan for Australia to take over the world and bring about world peace.... There is a dossier...there are spreadsheets and graphs....there is a timeline....it is completely feasible..... I have pricing projections, contingencies for those countries a bit slower to come in line um I mean join the party.... But shhhh I'm saying to much....this plan is perfect, Australia will rule the world, everyone will be happy, but let it be know you should take the time to translate my posts cos before ya know it you will need to know Strine it might just come in handy. ?
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    Bitchfield, Lincolnshire, England
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    You are on a sex ban
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    It was better than sex
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    Glad you're feeling better @Sazerac, I'm STILL sicken ? Day 12 now. I only had one little head cold last year that lasted three days so I guess I was due a doozy.
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