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    Gday Not One Puff E...... Remember insert Ever, Day, hour or min as required C
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    NOPE....it’s a smoke free weekend.....?
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    I did not have sexual relations with that woman
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore. Happy Friday, everybody!
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    Greetings NOPErs.. Saturday 9th of February is "Read a Book in the Bath Day"..... hmmmm yeah, nah, that's a NOPE.... many a book has been sacrificed on the alter of reading in the bath.... it always seems like such a fun idea and then without fail there are the wet pages and the warping and well NOPE I've learnt my lesson... so listen to Aunty Jo boys and girls... reading a book in the bath day can be skipped with total impunity. NOPE ... there's no way never, no way never no more!
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    57 days looming over us like a Gilotine, Hours getting shorter Pay checks getting smaller. Couple Interviews coming up soon helps relieve the pressure and tension, I guess I will get back to you all Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, really not sure, seems I have some people really interested in speaking with me. One is going to Phone interview Sunday, Hopefully a monday Face to Face, walk thru the Plant, meet the Man, interview will happen. But until then I have my Refuge to tend to, the Wife and I alone, Home on the Range, where no Deer or Buffalo Play, where seldom is heard a discuraging word and Opah stays Smokless all Day. Catch you all down the line here a bit Bye
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    Gday Got the other carotid artery cleared yesterday. Manager to get out the drain and various tubes and wires off this morning. And just then.... Oooo pleasure.... a shower....by myself even. Got my big boys underpants on but still have the hospital robe with the bum freezer opening. Off for a walk down the passageways a bit later just that the head nurse doesn’t know it yet life’s sweet Chris
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    I wanna sex you up (I had a hard time posting that with a straight face!)
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    Not like you to miss any mention of sex ^^ @notsmokinjo
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    A Trip to the British Dentist is never .......safe ....lol....
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    People putting disgusting things in their mouths is hardly new if there is a perceived benefit. Also, I noticed you didn't say ex-wives... so... umm... you from Utah?
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    Gday Not One Puff E...... Remember insert Ever, Day, hour or min as required C
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    You can't get people to quit, they have to decide to on their own
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    Congratulations @GraceLove for being 2 Years Smoke Free Well done Grace for have a wonderful 2 year quit. We hope you do something special to celebrate and it would be great to hear how you have rewarded yourself.
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    Congratulations @Niecie for being smoke free for 2 years. Well done Niecie on have two wonderful years of freedom. We hope all is well and would love to know how you celebrated.
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    Nothing is better than sex, an if ya say so ya doin it wrong ??
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    ^^ I think LuckyJoe has my back.... how could I miss a sexting..... Oh yum, isn't he sex on a stick!
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    Wham bam thank you ma'am
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    I canny thank you enough
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    Moo ve over cat face. Your speaking with a genuine super hero and brain washing is my special power. Ask my three wives. If I can get you to think it....it's real. And dental embarrassment is the new idea. Insulting others is just the by product. So if your from Kentucky and love both front teeth, don't smoke.
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    How this for a great piece of editing, it makes me smile
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    There is hardly anyone here! I'm getting ready for the big day and worry that I might be celebrating by myself.
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    G’day Harry like most Poms ( brits or welsh in his case) would have to have totally retrained on bathing. In the Aussie heat he would smell like a Congo drummers armpit within the day. “ you don’t wait to be told you need parmolive gold” C
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