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    Thank you all. I have so many thoughts and emotions whizzing around in my head right now. First of all, sorry I'm not around as much these days, life is stunningly busy at the moment in a good way. The decision I made last year was one of the best things I ever did for myself. To life live with a conscience clear of all the crap that comes with smoking is amazing. It was the beginning of so much more for me though. A change that is so very hard to believe looking back on where I was a year ago. The other thing that it has done for me is to introduce me to friends around the world. You amazing guys and girls who look out for everyone here. I love you people and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I can't name check everyone, but you are honestly the best of the best.
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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    Welcome aboard slippy!!! One whole year!!! I hope you are feeling AMAZING!! It's a wonderful achievement and I hope you do something really special to celebrate.
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    Toughed it through a rocky -- whatever today is. I think my today is your tomorrow. Won't smoke tomorrow,, either. Strong craving. Oat chocolate cookie didn't dent the craving. Taking last resort action--going to sleep.
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    Well Hi Opah. I guess you have been down this road before. I too tried quitting many times but was finally able to succeed with the help of the members on the forum. I hope this will finally be your final attempt because life without the addiction is awesome. We are here to support you.
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    Still Nope-ing. Working on month 4.
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    Don't wait until you have a smoking related illness....COPD .....your hubby will have something massive to worry about ,beside whether you drink together.... Trust me on this .... Smokers think ,it will never happen to me .....guess what ...it does ..... The lovely ladies above me have given you sound advice ....you have to want Freedom....then grab it with everything you have ..
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    Welcome aboard Kim... Joining the Quit Train might be just the support you need to succeed... I'm sorry your hubby doesn't show much ....but you will get enough of it here... Yes !!!!Alcohol....it's ruined many a good quit ...so I agree best to stay clear ...for a while anyways ,till you feel stronger ... Don't let anyone make you feel bad ,for not joining in ,on what they are doing .... This is your quit ...and yours alone ...you have to do what's best for you.... Take Smoking off the Table .....this is one of the sentences ..my junkie brain understood.... You can do it !!!
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    My dearest friend @Sslip I am truly amazed at what you have done for so many on this forum, yours truly included. You've been a pillar of strength and resilience, kept your quit for a whole bloody year, and helped countless others keep theirs. So you've crossed over to the Old Phartes side now (but you will always remain my comrade regardless) Congratulations mate, I really hope you celebrate one year in a grand way...grander than your Grand Canyon trip. Really glad I came on here and connected with you. Enjoy being on the deck, I'm sure the view is quite nice. I know I'll be having a celebratory drink for you tonight...Cheers!!!
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    There was not a DAY 1 in my 50 or so previous quits where I wasn't miserable. The real joy and freedom comes when you realize that you'll never need to go through DAY 1 ever again. Hope this is your last DAY 1 Opah. Welcome back.
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    Welcome CP... So emotionally I didn't handle things too well on previous quits...partly it was not knowing about quitting affecting your blood sugar levels .. partly it's because smoking for me was very linked to my emotions. I knew that going in this time so I knew form me the important thing was to break the habit/ritual first. I needed to reprogram how I took breaks and rewarded myself and coped with stress...I had to reprogram all that stuff before dealing with the physical... I used NRT gum... Gave myself up to 6 months on it and i needed much less... Doesn't mean I still wasn't emotional..but it took the edge off to let me work on the harder part for me. Now Christmas I hear you... So down under in the wonderful land of Aus we do Christmas in July....basically because Chrissy time here is summer we miss out (or don't enjoy as much) tradition hot Christmas stuff. So Chrissy day is usually in the 30s Celsius...so in July we do Christmas dinner like you Noryhies and wear our jumpers... You could have a Christmas in July...and do Aussie Christmas foods...cold seafood platters, salads, cold game off the bone...cold roast chook..trifle..pavlova...jelly cups and fairy bread.....backyard cricket or would it be lacrosse for you lot or baseball.. Just so you have something to look forward to before next Chrissy...for 1 week you get to play the Chrissy carols and they don't send you mental...trust me 36c and songs about let it snow have wierd psychological effects.
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    Hi Canadian proud, welcome and love the name btw ? I used the patches early in my quit. Looks like you had a decent quit on them....could you maybe go back on them? Might be just what you need to get through the difficult first few weeks. I'd get down to the pharmacy asap!! You've come to the right place for help and support. You have brilliant reason to quit - being healthy and living long for your twins. You don't want to be a stinky mum, missing out on so much because of smoking! I quit as a young mum I know under 40 got diagnosed with lung cancer and she subsequently died. Quit now!!! That is the harsh reality but when you stop ignoring that...quitting is much easier.
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    You can make it as hard or as easy as you choose to do. For me it was hard and took months but for others it was just a matter of they quit smoking and were done. But it does seem that the younger, more active quitters had an easier time of it.
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    Hi Kim and welcome to Quit Train There's not a lot I can add to the excellent advice you have received above from these fine folk. Education about this addiction is key and you seem to have a good handle on that. The drinking thing well ...... hubby needs to understand your situation and cut you a little slack until you are able to handle it without relapsing. Jo's suggestion was a great one - non-alcoholic drinks for you. You can still socialize with him while he's having his drinks. The biggest advantage to being here on this Quit Train is that you will get 100% meaningful support from a lot of people. And these are ALL people who know exactly what you are going through because we've all traveled exactly the same road as you. There's no better support network than that so yes, join in here and post as often as you can. Look at this place as a respite from the rest of your busy and sometimes complicated life. A place where you can come and bare your soul to other quitters who really get it! See you around the train
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    Huge congratulations on reaching the one year mark Shane! You have come so far since your early posts last January, and it's a pleasure to be able to celebrate this first year anniversary with you. It has also been a pleasure interacting with you here and a at QSMB for the past year. Very well done!!!
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    Welcome aboard,Kim... we we are here to listen and support you. It’s good to know that you have already been reading up on this addiction so you are already that far ahead of the game. As you said, you know alcohol is a trigger, so stay away for the first few weeks/ months of your quit... good luck , and stay as close to this board as possible... it really is a game changer!
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    Welcome to the Lido Deck young man .....it's a great place to be ....take your well earned chair ...a cool beer....and take in the view ...Freedom !!!! It's been a pleasure riding along side of you ,on your fabulous journey ,except in the counting game ...lol..... Thank you for all the support you offer ...to those who follow ...and being a all round good guy ..... I hear life is busy right now ...but take the time to Reward yourself well for all the hard work this last year has been .....
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    As said above Christine this is a journey and you must take it one day at time, do not look beyond today -- keep that focus and you can get thru this. As to normal, do not look at that, look at as each day an improvement over your days as a smoker!!!!
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    CP You have so many reasons to quit. You just need to learn that smoking is not a reward or pleasure or relaxer. It's a cold-blooded killer. And there are no valid excuses to justify smoking. Like missing Christmas, or feeling that your smoke breaks are your special time. Phooey! Time to take this bull by the horns and slam it to the ground. Fortunately, there's lot's of information right here on this forum to help you get through this. It still won't be a walk in the park (at least for the first few months). But watching videos, reading how other's coped with similar situations, and offering your help to fellow quitters will make this a much more achievable goal. It's worth the effort. You're worth it!
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    Trying to teach myself to knit......... got youtube tutorials going etc.... but argghhhhhhhhh it's tough.... knitting needles have been kicked to the kerb!!!!!! will try again in a bit.............................
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    If I'm smart enough to base my decision on butt-steering capabilities, I'm certainly smart enough to click a polling button.
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    Linda ... It's early days yet in your quit my lovely...soon enough your weight will settle and you will start losing it ...keep at it ... Can I help ya .!!!!!
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    Yep...knits for the grand baby...hopefully it wont take me 7 months to knit a pair of bootees .... and I love this Yoda hat...Lol so cute... mind you that is crocheted..
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    Try crocheting @catlover it's way easier!
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    The Sarge ain't buyin' any "vow" brought to you by Philip Morris < Article here > EZPZ (He does, however suspect that they will heavily transition into The Wacky Weed when it is legal nation wide)
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    Repeat what the chick above said. I grabbed the word NOPE. I said it 100000 times a day. If I never took a puff I couldn't fail. also like A puff away from a pack a day. keep Marching
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    it has been a year of failure for me, i have tried to quit so many times since jan 2 2018, i lost count. i am into 24 hours of my current quit attempt. last night i woke up probably 20 times, cant nap either. i know i am getting rem sleep, i remember dreams, but i am sure i am not getting deep sleep. i dont feel rested,and my brain fog is terrible. my chakras are all crazy. i know this is a battle of the wills, but i am unsure who the battle is with
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    Hi Jamie I was you 12 months ago. 31 years of smoking and I started at 13. Everything you said is almost word for word of what I would say and how I felt at the time. My best advise to you is:- - no matter what happens just find a way to keep your quit and go that extra minute, hour, day. Because soon enough it will get easier and you will notice down the track how much better you feel, let alone the feeling of freedom which is awesome. Ie. not having to worry about planning you day around smoking, where are my cigs etc. I’m still waiting for the day however that cigs don’t come up in my routine checklist before I leave the house. ? All the best. Be strong!
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    Heavens to Betsy.....where's my Rosary!?!? Oh wait, I'm not Catholic. Carry on.
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    Hi C 12, it is good that you are posting. We know you truly want to quit. I think if you can just get yourself through the first week, the craves are much more manageable. Like Reciprocity said, you might try NRT or talk with your doctor. I also found it helpful to stay close to the forum and read everything you can. We are here to help guide you through this, just shout out!
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    Here I am, one year smoke free! What do I win?? A stack of extra cash in my pocket, freedom from the nicotine clock, compliments that I smell great, hack-free evenings, hypochondria-free days, hopefully some extra days tacked on to the end of my life, role-modeling for my kids... I could go on. Do I miss smoking? Every now and then in a nostalgic way. Do I want to smoke? Never.
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    Hi Canadian Proud. You have found the right place for the support and help to guide you through the quit journey. I smoked for 42 years and attempted many quits without success. Once I found this forum, it was almost as if they took my hands and guided me through. I love the power I feel and my self esteem is through the roof knowing that I am not anchored to such a filthy habit. How blessed you are to have twins and you are going to want to be there for every magical moment in their lives. So please join us. We are here for you!
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    Congratulations! Wonderful to have you at the front of the train!
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    @Opah ... Welcome back, how's the arm?
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    WOW... YOU DID IT!!!! Congrats Shane on being an old pharte . one year nicely done in style!! I'm raising a glass to you my friend, and want to Thank you for being on this journey with me, and for all your support and friendship. I really hope you are celebrating today doing something special or having an extra special treat...you deserve it ?
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    They are also taking over the vape thing. Not likely they will let go of an addictive product any time soon. lol.
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    Are long flowing robes not enough these days?
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    Omg there is a late rush on the man of steel... Although he isn't really a man is he... Nope...just an alien... Come on you Bat Fans vote
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    Rec seems to have a genuine interest in hair removal techniques. Therefore, I defer my waxing experiment to the distinguished gentleman from the Great White North.
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    Don't forget about the SOS page either please! This is a life saver in the early days if things become overwhelming. Just post up and peeps will come running to talk you off the ledge (so to speak)
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    It's actually a battle of life and death.
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    Maybe speak to a DR. or pharmacy person to get recommendations on Smoking cessation options? It might help you? I quit cold turkey too but it's not for everyone. And by the way, you are not a failure - just haven't found what works for you yet. It WILL come because I can tell you want it to. Just have to find the right path to take
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    Aah Thanks so much guys ...I'm soooo excited to be at 11 months, can't believe how quick time flies....once you get to 6 months...vrooooooom!!!!! I'm in a fab place with my quit, really solid..... Everyone on the train is amazing, its a pleasure to be here with you all, and the Support is amazing. Im a happy cat ?? I love this bag haha....
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