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    Congratulations @Sslip for being 1 year Smoke Free!!!! Well do Lord Sslip for reaching the one year mark and officially joining the ranks of the old phartes. It has been our honour to share you journey. Thank you for all the support you offer to your fellow travellers on the smoking and social boards a like. There are many here who have you to thanks. So you have any special plans to celebrate your full year, I mean how are you going to top a Grand Canyon trek that was also a charity fundraiser? We've kept a seat ready just for you, so please sir down, relax, have a bevvy with your pinkie out and enjoy the roast, um I mean toasts.😎 FINALLY!!!
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    Thank you all. I have so many thoughts and emotions whizzing around in my head right now. First of all, sorry I'm not around as much these days, life is stunningly busy at the moment in a good way. The decision I made last year was one of the best things I ever did for myself. To life live with a conscience clear of all the crap that comes with smoking is amazing. It was the beginning of so much more for me though. A change that is so very hard to believe looking back on where I was a year ago. The other thing that it has done for me is to introduce me to friends around the world. You amazing guys and girls who look out for everyone here. I love you people and thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I can't name check everyone, but you are honestly the best of the best.
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    Nope, indeed. Thought I'd pop my head round the corner, today of all days!
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    Nope Do whatever it takes Kate, your quit is too precious to throw away. You can do this.
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    Greetings NOPErs... todays, 9th September see's us take the special event from the American Calendar of Special Days and is a bit of a shout out to @bakon ... and any others on here who are, are married to or the family of that special breed of individuals, no not village idiots, law enforcement. 9 January 2019 is Law Enforcement Appreciation day... a time to pause and say thank you to those special (some more than others 😜 ) who choose one of the hardest careers around, for pretty shitty pay that is a benefit to society and basically put their lives on the line to keep us and ours safe. So how the hell do ya thank a cop? Send a thank you card to your local station, wear blue clothing today to show your support, tell a positive experience story on social media to spreed the good word about cops... because lets face it the media only cares about the negative stories not the good news stories... or even better yet, to foster support and appreciation of the cops from the next generation get your tin lids to write them a letter or draw a picture to say thanks... so I am going for option 3... a good news story... nearly a decade ago I took the kid to some fireworks on the local footy oval which is sort of in a dark dead end of town and you have to walk through a park with no lights to get there... they had temporary lights in the park... I parked at the supermarket, popped her in the pusher (stroller) and headed to the fireworks, with her most favourite teddy in the world "Grandad Michael"... so off we go to the fireworks..... they were fireworks, she didn't cry.... we walked back to the car (now she was a month or two past 2, so little)....the super long way because I was kind of praying she would fall asleep.... get to the car, load the kid, load the pram, the kid starts screamin like a banshee... Grandad Michael is gone... pull the pram out the boot, search the thing... FRUCK it really is gone (think security blanket... our world was coming to an end)... anyway... load her back in the pram head back to the park following the rediculously long alternate route I took so we can backtrack.., the temporary lights are now off... it is pitch black... she is hysterical... 2 coppers are walking towards us as we head back to the park (I may be kind of jogging, because this is a major issue) ... so the kid who already likes cops cos she is going to grow up and be a peaceman-lady-dog... spots the cops and starts scream "Help... Help...Help Me Peace-mans"... so the cops stop one bends down to chat with her (P1) one trys to talk to me (P2)... next second... P1: Um, Ms does your father have a mobile phone? Me: No (thinking what has that got to do with the price of tea in china) P1: Does he have Alzheimers? Me: Who? P1: Your father, Grandad Michael, he's lost isn't he? Me: Huh?... Oh sorry, no Grandad Michael is a teddy bear. P1 & P2: What? Me: She calls the teddy bear Grandad Michael... its the teddy bear.... P2: Well that's really important.....lets help you see if we can find him....what's your daughter's name... The Kid: Mine Bib-bee... P2: (opening his little book and pulling a pen) What does Grandad Michael look like.... The Kid: Hims boo. Lots of boo like peacemans... and him is dis big (holds her hands wide apart, which is a bit of a fisherman's exaggeration) So we walk all the way back to the park, they use their torches to help us navigate and search the area and there's the frickin teddy bear up a frickin tree... and P1 gets him down, growls at him for running away and gives him back to the very relieved teddy and escort us back to the part of the street with lights. So regardless of the few bad eggs, Cops are good... and every day they face hard decisions that I'm not prepared to make to ensure my welfare and safety... so to all the Law Enforcement Ladies and Gents (and horses and dogs)..... thank you for your service.... NOPE... I don't need assistance, I've got this! Oh and happy 365th NOPE day to @Sslipidy Doo Dah
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    Welcome aboard slippy!!! One whole year!!! I hope you are feeling AMAZING!! It's a wonderful achievement and I hope you do something really special to celebrate.
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    Toughed it through a rocky -- whatever today is. I think my today is your tomorrow. Won't smoke tomorrow,, either. Strong craving. Oat chocolate cookie didn't dent the craving. Taking last resort action--going to sleep.
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    Hello all, I'm new to these boards but not to quitting. I began smoking at 15 and continued throughout college, marriage, babies (although I quit for both pregnancies), to now where I'm 42, still married, and my babies are now 9 and 12. I have spent probably the past 12-13 years trying to quit. I thought after the first pregnancy I'd quit for good. I would research and study everything that I could about addiction and smoking. Then, I thought that the second pregnancy I'd quit for good. Same thing, over the years I've watched Joel's videos, read Allen Carr's book, tried hypnosis-twice, patches, gum, Wellbutrin, e-cigs, running, crossfit, etc. I started studying yoga and breathing techniques and meditation...I even took a yoga teacher training hoping that it would help in my quest to quit smoking. I went from smoking a pack/day in college to 1-2 cigarettes/day now, unless I have alcohol. Although I learned a lot about nicotine addiction, I couldn't get my mind right. My husband does not smoke, but likes to drink and likes for me to drink with him. Well, in order for me to be able to successfully quit smoking, I know that I cannot drink for a while and he does not like that, so, he hasn't been that supportive in my attempts to quit in the past. This has been a major factor in my quitting and, sometimes I feel like if I could go away for a few months, I could quit easily...I have all the tools, I just need the support! Which leads me here today...I'm 2 days nicotine free b/c I refuse to spend anymore money on patches! I'm not the best with social media, and can't get on during the day due to work, but I need to remind myself to get on here as often as I can b/c this will probably be the only support that I get, especially when it gets closer to the weekend! Thank you all for listening!
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    So great to be able to welcome you to the Lido Deck today Sslip! You've not only done a fabulous job on your own quit but you have helped so many others with theirs at the same time. Those are both accomplishments to be proud of so now, it's time to party! Celebrate your 1 Year Anniversary. It's really special
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    G’day Not One Puff Ever..... ( replace “Ever” with 10 mins, 1 hr, 1 day as required!) NOPE C
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    My dearest friend @Sslip I am truly amazed at what you have done for so many on this forum, yours truly included. You've been a pillar of strength and resilience, kept your quit for a whole bloody year, and helped countless others keep theirs. So you've crossed over to the Old Phartes side now (but you will always remain my comrade regardless) Congratulations mate, I really hope you celebrate one year in a grand way...grander than your Grand Canyon trip. Really glad I came on here and connected with you. Enjoy being on the deck, I'm sure the view is quite nice. I know I'll be having a celebratory drink for you tonight...Cheers!!!
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    Welcome aboard,Kim... we we are here to listen and support you. It’s good to know that you have already been reading up on this addiction so you are already that far ahead of the game. As you said, you know alcohol is a trigger, so stay away for the first few weeks/ months of your quit... good luck , and stay as close to this board as possible... it really is a game changer!
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