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    hi to everyone that remembers me from a while ago, just a quick note to say that I am still not smoking even after coming up against most of the excuses available to us. ie. pub,holidays,birthdays,funerals,stressed,peer pressure etc.Been through all of them and not smoked, so for anyone just starting out, its hard, but don't think it cant be done. Smoking ruled my life for over 30 years and now I am coming up to 2years not smoking. There is no tip I can give anyone other than what some of the wiser people here have said to me and many others, and that is to not light a cigarette and take a puff of it.Do whatever you need to get through the initial cravings, just don t smoke.My younger sister is trying to give up now,and names me as an inspiration. She s called me many things over the years, but never that, so I am taking that one, and feel quite proud. Good luck anyone starting out, and well done those still going. Pedro
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    Congratulations @ChRiSpY for being smoke free for 6 years! Well done, six years is such a wonderful quit. The lido deck has been super busy this year but we made sure to save some tossed salad for you . It would be great if you could pop in and give us an update on your wonderful smoke free life and lets us know how you intend to celebrate.
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    Congratulations @Jayhawk for being 6 months smoke free. Well done Jay on being a 50%er... you are half way through the toughest year of your quit. You are doing so well and it would be fantastic to hear how you intend to celebrate this milestone. So I asked around to see if anyone had any advice for you.... and I'm pretty sure Bill's message was to "Keep Going"
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    G’day well it that time of the day, time to think about smoking.... NOPE  thats it, all done, till tomorrow morning C
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    Great to hear from you @pedro68! Of course I remember you. You quit just a couple weeks before I did. That's another great point you make about your sister and how she's looked to you for her own inspiration to quit. The pride of accomplishing this goes on and on Congrats on 2 Years Pedro. On to 3 years now
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    Hey Pedro !!!.....good to hear from you .... Good for you ,playing it forward and showing your sister the way ....x
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    Woohoo.... how great does it feel to be an inspiration to someone! Oh @reciprocity ... you need to squeeze another Lido woohoo welcome party into the January Calendar... dunno what was in the water last January but these boys are showing us en mass just how this quit thing is done.
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    Why not sangria? Lots of fruit and wine to boot Let's have a party 🤗
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    Congrats on your 6 years smoke free ChRiSpY! I hope you have a nice treat lined up for yourself today
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    You guys are all awesome. I wanna thank you all so much for your patience, tolerance, enthusiasm and kind support. Well, I did it. I checked my ‘app’ quite a bit over the holidays as my quitversary was approaching. I had a great Christmas holiday, surrounded by family and friends. I did it all without a single puff. I am really quite proud of myself, and really thankful for the help along the way. I wish you all great success in your quits, and peace in your lives. Rory
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    I also have loved reading your posts. I think they should be required reading for all quitters as they are the perfect example of how you retrain your brain. I think I said it before, you should be a writer. Hope your son celebrated with you. You surely deserve it. The tough part is over, the rest of the journey should be easy!
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