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    I won't smoke on Thursday.
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    G’day well it that time of the day, time to think about smoking.... NOPE thats it, all done, till tomorrow morning C
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    C'mon, smile. You always look so serious. I used to hear those lines all the time, for over a decade. And there was a good reason. I kept my mouth closed like a vise (vice for you Brits). It all started when I was 39 and I made a routine trip to the dentist. He did that thing where he pushed a tool under my gums at each tooth and called out a number. 5, 7, 7, 9, 8, 5, 9, 8, etc. Apparently high numbers (on a scale of 1-10) were bad. "We're going to have to extract 4 teeth today and send you to a periodontist. You probably have some hereditary periodontal disease, but smoking for decades is likely the biggest contributor". WTF! I had used a Sonicare toothbrush ever since they first came out. At least twice a day. I flossed and used a Waterpik every evening. But those tools were not powerful enough weapons to combat the damage smoking was doing to my mouth. The sad thing is, I continued to smoke for another decade. And the problems grew worse. 4 bridges, 2 crowns, and receding gum lines that made my teeth look twice as long as normal. My solution was to never smile. ? Long story short, I had to have all my teeth removed last year. Had to choose between dentures ($10K out of pocket) or full implants ($47K out of pocket). I chose the later, and am happy with the aesthetic result, but it will never feel the same as my real teeth and I'll be paying off the implants for years. I know there are much more serious consequences to smoking out there. Cancer, heart disease, COPD, etc. But I just wanted to bring up one of the not so obvious damages that may occur as a result of long term smoking. Please throw this on your pile of concerns if you're young and considering quitting now. The good news is, I've never felt better since I quit smoking, and I now have good reason to smile about my life of freedom.
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    Nope. Smoking is not an option.
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    After 365 days of saying NOPE and saw that it helped --- I will definitely say NOPE today !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for Friday the 4th, today here it is still the 3rd -- gotta love the dateline.
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    Me and one of my babies outside work
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    Nope, Not now not ever.
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    G’day i Pledge NOPE every day C
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    NOPE Happy Friday, everybody!
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    Need me to send an Uber for you?
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    Welcome aboard ... I wish I had the brains to quit at 24 ....I struggled till I was in my sixties .... I love it when a youngen ..comes here and says enough is enough .... Your body is going through bit changes ...its all over the place right now ... It's used to being fed poisions for alot of years ..... Be patient ...day by day your body will heal ... Looking forward to travelling this journey with you ....
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    Hi Manesha. I live in Ohio also. That cold you have may just be from our awful weather. I got the cold from hell over the holidays. Good for you to be so wise and want to quit. You have a great start going. You can do this. Most of us here are older and wish we would have been smart enough to quit in our younger years. Just stick close and we are here to guide you through this.
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    Me too! I tell my husband my diamonds are all in my mouth. I do have genetics that played a huge part but know smoking did not help. I spent many years trying to save my teeth, with gum surgery, root canals and crowns. Finally a dentist told me my teeth were not in the bone and just floating. Options - $50,000 to surgically go in and wire them all together or $27,000 to have them removed, with three implants to hold the teeth on the bottom. Insurance would not even pay for the removal of the teeth. I chose the second option. I still had to have bone and skin graphs for the implants. It was all very painful and expensive. My original two front teeth were crooked. The dentist asked me if I wanted to keep that with false teeth. I thought he was nuts. I wasn't going to pay all that money to have crooked teeth. Needless to say, I hate my teeth now. I can not get used to them not being crooked. That must have been my character! You do look wonderful BKP. They may have been expensive but a much better option and more like your own teeth.
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    I am a toothless wonder, too, BKP ! For sure, smoking had a lot to do with it and combined with hereditary issues... my gnashers didn't stand a chance. You look great, BKP.
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    I'd come visit for a drink but 10,600+ miles for a 3 Long island ice tea limit is a bit of a stretch...and the drive would probably flood me engine...?
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    That's only a $23,500.00 smile, we want to see the $47,000.00 smile ?
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    Smile... you look great ? I had peridontal disease too, still got all my teeth , but had extensive cleaning done over several sessions and cost lots of ££££££££££££££££££££/s again caused by smoking.
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    Hey, Manesha, I went digging in the archives and found this great vid (and text) from our friend, Joel, General Warning About Getting Colds or Flu after Quitting
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    Congrats on getting through hell week Jack! That's the hardest week done and dusted now. You have been gathering knowledge and tools all week that will help you continue to navigate your way through the days ahead. Remember; one day at a time is how it's done Jack
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    Hi Jack, congratulations on being done with hell week Nice profile pic, you didn't seem like a (Jack)ass to me lol
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