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    Nope..it really does get easier with time to stay quit..
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    Nope ps. Daughter saved this pic on my iPad.
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    G’day world Not One Puff Ever..... N.O.P.E ..... just to remind myself C
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    The reason that you are smoking is that you are addicted. All of my failed quit attempts were ultimately down to a lack of education about what it means to be addicted, all the lies that the nicotine addiction feeds you and strategies for getting through the first year. After that it is just a matter on doing the same thing over and over again. I am back posting after more than 3 years because I am having these weird occasional thoughts of 'having just one'... This is the biggest lie of nicotine addiction. But I am sure it will pass, it always does. These urges to smoke always go away and can remain thankfully dormant for a long long time but one has always to be prepared for them to rise again.
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    Hi Sparky - yes, QSMB is gone! I was a member there and managed to educate myself about my addiction and keep my quit solid while there....once that site was no more, I came here along with several others and it is has been so helpful in maintaining my quit (also a lot of laughs along the way!). There are always going to be life events that are stressful, depressing, etc. but why feel you have to go back to smoking to get past them? I am sure that first cigarette you smoked after a couple of years smoke free was awful, wasn't it? What did it do for you? Watch some of Joel's videos, read through members blogs and posts and start NOPING every day! You have done it before, you can do it again!
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    NOPE! Rudolph doesn't smoke!!
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    Hi sparky, welcome to quittrain. You will find the same support here as you did at qsmb. Stay glued here as much as possible for that first year or longer and read anything and everything as it pertains to your quit. Let's get this done
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    Sparky, welcome aboard for this journey. Others will come by soon that will have good advice on relapsing. I would suggest that you look thru all the educational material here on the sight and I am sure there is a video on this in the video library. Education is all powerful. You must understand that smoking does not solve anything and can only make things work. Please go through all this is on this site. We will be here to support you and hopefully answer questions you might have. Also QSMB is no longer any several of the members of that site are now here on this site -- you may recognize the names as they come up. Anyway when you are ready to quit again we are here to support!!!
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    Hi all, I just like to post randomly here because you all are a huge part of my success and I do not want that to be forgotten! I was out this weekend for my birthday and so many smokers were around, I did not realize so many people still smoked, or maybe it was just social smoking as we were at a bar! I was drinking and the thought of smoking did pass my mind, I cannot lie...but it lasted for about 3 minutes and I did not give in!! I am proud. I knew I would hate myself. How is everyone doing and coping with the Holiday season?????
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    Nope. Smoking is never an option.
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    Wow, cbdave, I just checked to see what was up here at quittrain after being off for awhile. Sorry to hear you got hit with this. That must have been really scary to go through the TIA and the treatment. I have been well since my episode with lung cancer but I do have side effects from the chemo I had after surgery. It's also a 'gift' from smoking all those years. So happy we both quit and became long term survivors and quitters. I still get the odd twang of missing smoking and that's why I checked in. Thanks for posting your story. It's a great motivation to quit and stay quit.
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    After about 20 failed attempts to quit smoking I finally succeeded on the qsmb in 2015 by educating myself about all the lies that i believed about nicotine and my smoking. It worked and i am not a smoker to this day. Unfortunately a few months after I quit I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I am still here though but would have been glad to have missed that experience in my early 50s after 35 years of smoking. There are also lots of people on this forum who are suffering from smoking related diseases. I quit too late to avoid one of the worst. Be someone who quits early enough to miss the bad outcomes.
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    You did it before and you can do it again Sparky. You have not failed as long as you keep honestly trying in your heart. Pick a date and get back here. Good people and lots of support. Best wishes.
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    NOPE!!!!!!! Like the cat posts catlover.
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    Smoking gives you nothing Sparky - only takes away from the best things in your life including life itself in the end. Jump on the train and ride your way to freedom again! We will be here for support but it's up to you ultimately to make it happen. You can do this!
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    Welcome to the board, Sparky. I'm really sorry to hear about your relapse. I hope you see that life is better without cigarettes and that you are going to quit again. It is true what is said here (and at QSMB), take NOPE seriously. You can never take another puff. It will awaken the addiction again and you never want to do that. Stick around here. Read and participate often. It can help you stay quit for good. I came from QSMB too and I can tell you that there are a lot of good folks here who want to see you succeed at quitting as well.
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    Dearest glitterbug, Your QT family misses you much, come online soon.
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    Good stuff Christa! That exact situation has brought down many and unprotected quit and as you said, it gives nothing but regret in the end. Good for you that you recognized the situation and continued to just NOPE! That's the only way we can stay free forever - NOPE every day and never get complacent It's so much easier to say no when you're this far along in your quit. Keep up the great work
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