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    Congratulations @Sirius and your fourth year of freedom. Four years is amazing. Its so great for the newbies here having so many well established quit masters around showing us how it can be done.
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    G'day NOPE for me as well C
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Nope! Never on a Sunday
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    Happy Sundee one an all in the land of the NOPE. Nothing spesh going on below the equator in Aus but the Yanky Doodles are giving us not only the 102nd Indianapolis 500 but they also celebrate Sun Screen Day... so slip slop slap boys and girls... don't make me show you my dad's skin cancer pictures... the post surgery scar pics... they not pretty. So listen to uncle Baz... and wear Sun Screen.. So to a future with skin cancer and a future with lung cancer I say NOPE Topic of the day: Sundee Slang Fest
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    NOPE ...not today !!
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    Another beautiful day, another beautiful Nope!
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    Congratulations @farmgirl for being 5 months smoke free. What I nice solid base you have going, the worst of the worse is being you and now its time to sure up your quit and keep the hard work going. Well done all your success so far. I hope you do something special today to celebrate your achievements.
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    I hope all the birds shit wild violet seeds on your lawn 10 fold... hell I might even hire a crop duster to do it too.. ya miserable ba****d... Oh and a weed is only an unloved or unwanted flower...!!
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    Lol i meant a big tent to cover myself up!!
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    I went hunting for Jillar and I think I might have found her
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    Have fun swimming.. Tipping Fluffy is wondering which way @Whispers chose and wit had his knickers in a twist.
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    I think what you’re doing now as in talking about it. Mentally preparing is really important when it comes to challenges with quitting. Well done. You’ve got this.
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    Gday 3 months after I'd quit I went to a wedding. Very afraid I'd be tempted by old smoking friends. I first started my dayly NOPE in preparation. Well I didn't smoke. And after that wedding 2 old friends gave up smoking. I couldn't be happier C
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    Congrats on your fabulous 4 years..a inspiration.... Do something special.to celebrate !!!
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    6 ... just because I'm feeling kind this morning and I hadn't realized you were at the Doc's in order to join the ranks of the sticks
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    Awesome quit Sirius, great job and great that you are still around here helping the new generation!
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