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    G'day all NOPE to start the day C
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    Congratulations @Sirius and your fourth year of freedom. Four years is amazing. Its so great for the newbies here having so many well established quit masters around showing us how it can be done.
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    G'day NOPE for me as well C
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Nope! Never on a Sunday
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    Good to see some familiar names and aviatars. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find QSMB! I thought I lost you all. Such a shame. *I’ve read a few posts about it. So much great content gone. ? Hope to make new friends.
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    Happy Sundee one an all in the land of the NOPE. Nothing spesh going on below the equator in Aus but the Yanky Doodles are giving us not only the 102nd Indianapolis 500 but they also celebrate Sun Screen Day... so slip slop slap boys and girls... don't make me show you my dad's skin cancer pictures... the post surgery scar pics... they not pretty. So listen to uncle Baz... and wear Sun Screen.. So to a future with skin cancer and a future with lung cancer I say NOPE Topic of the day: Sundee Slang Fest
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    Another beautiful day, another beautiful Nope!
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    Its another NOPE from me, we fare racking them up peeps..?
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    Posted 12 April 2014 - 09:56 PM It's no big deal to be an Old Pharte. Sure, it's nice to achieve that milestone and receive all the accolades, but it's not hard anymore to not smoke. By one year, you are far into your new life as a nonsmoker and you don't have to struggle to stay that way. By one year, the benefits of your quit have improved your life and your lifestyle. You are reminded every single day how great it is to be a nonsmoker. Your bank account is bigger and your health is better. And for many of us, there is a whole new way of life outside of just getting rid of the cigarettes. We have discovered new activities we love, we eat better, we have a new found confidence, we're proud of ourselves. What's so hard about all this? You know who are MY heroes? That person who has been lurking here and has finally made the choice to quit. And those who just got past that magic 72 hour mark, or hit their one month milestone. My heroes are the people who have blind faith and believe us when we tell them it will get better. It's those who get up every morning and log onto the QSMB to make the daily pledge because they know that's the only thing that will keep them from smoking that day. It's the person who is out the door to buy cigarettes but instead turns around and posts that SOS. Newbies, you are why this board is here. You are the ones that are the big deal here! So, cheers to all those brave souls who one day will join us on the lido deck. You're in the trenches now, but keep on climbing and if you need help reach out and we'll grab your hand. Because you are why we do what we do.
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    Congratulations @farmgirl for being 5 months smoke free. What I nice solid base you have going, the worst of the worse is being you and now its time to sure up your quit and keep the hard work going. Well done all your success so far. I hope you do something special today to celebrate your achievements.
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    Posted 20 June 2014 - 03:14 AM No I'm not trying to hypnotise you or play Jedi mind tricks. I'm talking about relapsers or quitters who continue to have smoking thoughts and desires. Nobody WANTS to go back to smoking. They quit because they want to quit (for whatever reason). What they want from time to time is to smoke. And what that means is something else. It means all of the things that people "like" about smoking: A break in the day Stress relief Bonding time with buddies Anxiety relief Thinking time Reward for finishing a job etc And it also means not having to THINK about not smoking all the time. Gawd I remember that. I remember thinking - "When will it ever end?...I just want to stop thinking about not smoking!" I see people saying it here all the time "I don't want to fight with myself any more! When will it end?!" But it's not that you want to be a smoker again. I reckon most smokers don't want to be smokers! If you gave someone a choice between being a smoker (with all the expense and smell and health fears and social shaming etc that goes with it) and being a happy non-smoker - of course they would choose the latter. But most smokers simply don't believe they can be happy without smoking. They believe they LOVE and need their cigarettes too much to live without them. And when we quit it (generally) takes a lot of retraining for the brain to dismiss all of that addiction thinking and learn that we can actually get all of those good things in other ways without all the bad stuff you get with smoking. Some people are lucky and once they make the decision to quit, they are solid in it. Easy peasy. But lots of people struggle. And that's OK. The struggle is part of the process. Embrace it as part of the process. Look at it as the price of freedom. That's basically how I did it. I wanted freedom most of all. Freedom from smoking addiction and everything that went with it. The price became easier to pay over time. It took less. Every now and then I have a "want" to smoke but it's fleeting and easy to dismiss. Because I KNOW I do not want to be a smoker. No way. Make a commitment to yourself. A promise. Promise yourself that you will never be a smoker again. And don't worry if you want to smoke from time to time. That's fine, because you know that it's really about something else and you definitely don't want to be a smoker again. No way. Ewgh.
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    It seems possible to me that even with all we currently know about the dangers of smoking, the readily available information might merely be the tip of the iceberg. I used to complain about the price of a pack of cigarettes. What I should have been worried about was the cost of smoking.
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    You all good there @catlover ? ... ??? So nothing important happening today my fellow NOPErs... the puppy who thinks he is an electrician has chewed through both the mobile and laptop chargers overnight.... he is nearly 1.. not happy Jan... So globally it is Amnesty International Day. The US and UK both have long weekends, not sure why for either... maybe someone will share. So, cos our girl @catlover has back to back double posted and seems to be needing some love today this NOPE is for you... So as the pvssy said... its a resounding NOPE cos nothing controls my life but me. Topic of the day: Hot Things... only limited by your definition of hot.
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    I aspire to your 4 years of sustained commitment. Much respect and congratulations!
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    I hope all the birds shit wild violet seeds on your lawn 10 fold... hell I might even hire a crop duster to do it too.. ya miserable ba****d... Oh and a weed is only an unloved or unwanted flower...!!
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    Lol i meant a big tent to cover myself up!!
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    I went hunting for Jillar and I think I might have found her
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    Have fun swimming.. Tipping Fluffy is wondering which way @Whispers chose and wit had his knickers in a twist.
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    I think what you’re doing now as in talking about it. Mentally preparing is really important when it comes to challenges with quitting. Well done. You’ve got this.
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    Gday 3 months after I'd quit I went to a wedding. Very afraid I'd be tempted by old smoking friends. I first started my dayly NOPE in preparation. Well I didn't smoke. And after that wedding 2 old friends gave up smoking. I couldn't be happier C
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    This article from Science Daily should make you even more appreciative that you quit smoking and explain some of our...ummmm.....foibles, if you know what I mean ;-) Smoking Heightens Risk of Psychosis
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    Every year you stay smoke free is a wonderful gift you give yourself and now, you have given yourself 4 of those. Congrats Sirius!
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    Aye it went not too bad, finally beginning to feel organised. Just went to matalan so im sorted! Gona clean the pit then get packing. Uch fluffy your too young to go to bon marche hahaha. Hey ive got pants that fit me now woop woop
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    Good to see you again! Thanks for not giving up on quitting. I noticed you said that you're going to give this quitting thing another try. Perhaps a change in perception might help. Why give the power to the cigarettes? You're in control of whether or not you remain quit. It's a choice. Make a firm choice to never take another puff instead of simply leaving it to chance by saying you're going to give it another try. You can stay quit and I bet that if you don't relinquish you're control of this choice to remain quit, you'll have a very long and successful quit. Great idea on signing up for the support program that you signed up for. As an aside, I can combine both of your accounts if you like. You'll just have to let me know which one you want to keep.
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    So wont miss that... smoking outside in a Melbourne Winter... I love my new freedom.
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