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    See....they love you!!!!
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    Congrats Grund. 7 Months smoke free is fabulous! You're on the downhill side of getting to the Lido Deck Let's go celebrate with Pizza & Beer
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    Yes there was a time when you would buy the Finger, not be given it. Simpler days back then!
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    Can we just agree on Chuga Chuga Choo Choo?
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    Makes sense to me! I know I always got far away from people...common courtesy. Guess not everyone thinks or cares about others.
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    Not as “most rewatchable movie ever”. After reading the thread, and seeing how wrong everyone else is, I wouldn’t be too surprised.
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    I saw that 2x The Greatest Showman the first week it came out! Fantastic movie for those that have not seen it
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    Yay yay, maybeeeeeee ? Or if fingers go click then maybe toes go clack..
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    I went for a walk again, I am so creative lol. How is everyone else? Lisz
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    Just how old do you think I am Anyhow a little too girly for me. Give me Bob, testicular cancer, overcoming the odds and the 80s any time!
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    Lol its a shampoo range, you dont get aussie in aussie?
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    Yep, every exposure makes us stronger. Living by "NOPE", it just doesn't matter what others are doing!
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    I do like a Toffee Crisp, it was the Honeycomb bit of it I'd never seen before.
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    Bunny Nugent ... Not a player, an ump... He served in the Boer War, WWI and WWII (put his age down to serve)... In WWI he received the Military Cross... His first game back umpiring after WWI the players of both teams formed an honour guard for him to run onto the ground through... Aussie Rules
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    So maybe calling the ghost busters would be better?
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    And out come a bunch of 8 year old kids who have had their latest toy confiscated in class I put in a pack of Top Trumps
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    I thought trains went cherchy cou or is that only in Wales?
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    Hey Jillar!! Nice to see a familiar name. It just dawned on me today how long its been so I decided to pop in and see whats up. I've been bad about not checking in. A lot has gone on recently...we moved across country. I got a new job. Bought a house. Met some new friends. Its been quite a whirlwind of emotions and experiences the past year. And through it all smojing rarely came up and when it did it wasnt because I was stressed, it was because I wanted ro celebrate. How dumb is that!?!?!
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    QI (Who is your "R" St Kilda legend Jo?)
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    Any girlies about ????
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    Introduced the Kid to this over Chrissy hold, she lived it. Footloose.. The original...
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    Is a digit maybe slang for a didgeridoo?
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    You've done it, Despair Not! A great big congratulations to you for one year quit! Celebrate the day!!!
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    Yay Despair Not, you did it!!! Congratulations on one year quit I have enjoyed being on your journey with you and all the help and support you've given. I hope you treat yourself SUPER special today because you earned it
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    Cos there's only 1 sleep left... Here us the greatest song ever written about footy and done awesome footage of the game. I have an autographed, vynal copy of this single.
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    Birdie is my baby orangutan. Barry
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    Omg... I have tried and tried and I just can't answer this cleanly... Me too...um... Two Hands could be on a continuous loop for me.
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    Do ya think there are any out there that can get it in the bowl?
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    That's awesome for both you guys, thanks for sharing
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    I have nothing of significance to add to what other's have told you other than to add another "welcome" and yes, YOU too can do this. Most of us thought we couldn't when we started and were scared to even try but just jump right in, commit yourself fully to it then read all you can to educate yourself about this addiction. Knowing your enemy is key! Come here as often as you can. Being active with other quitters will help keep you focused on the task at hand
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    The wife says I need to get the beard under control, or she’s just gonna start calling me “Santa” ?
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    Chimi-effing-changas! Anyone else looking forward to seeing Wade??
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