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    Thank you all for your congrats. I cant really believe its been a year I thank all those that have been on the journey with me for your companionship and support. I don't think id have stuck to it without QSMB and now QT. For those still on their way to a year take strength from knowing that if I can do it I'm sure you can if you just decide NOT One Puff Ever.
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    Today is YOUR day DN. The personal commitment you made and all the hard work you put in has brought you to this point - 1 full year smoke free! Huge congratulations to you. We have a lounge all prepared here on the Lido Deck for you and the drinks are free Sit back and relax while you are pampered today!
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    A woman I used to see occasionally in the smoking area, but rarely ever talked to stepped onto the elevator with me today. Although I never learned her name, I did remember/recognize her, but didn't expect her to remember or recognize me as most women I meet can't seem to remember me at all (it's like I'm in some kind of stealth mode). Anyway, out of the blue she asked me how long it's been since I quit smoking. Well you could've knocked me over with a feather. That she remembered me was amazing enough but she had also noticed that I wasn't smoking anymore where even some of my close friends hadn't known until I told them. I told her I was closing in on two years and got a very flattering comment. We exchanged a few more pleasantries until she left the elevator. It was nice to get some positive reinforcement from a totally unexpected place. It made my day.
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    G'day NOPE starts this day C
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    Careful Bakon ....... don't piss them off
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    See....they love you!!!!
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    NOPE - I do not smoke anymore.
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    NOPE..... it's a smokefree day
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    Despite my 4th degree burns i have made my way here to perform my most important task of the day, as its very early in the morning... We need to be quiet so as not to wake the house but..... NOPE....NOPE.....Noooooope
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    someone was looking for me? did I forget something? I thought I'd post a selfie...
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    Nope. Smoking is not an option.
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    Yes, careful, Bakon...
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    Good morning. I pledge NOPE today.
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    I really cant believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was struggling and justifying my relapses. And now? Hardly do I ever think about. Do I get craves? Yes there have been a few times here and there when I thought a smoke would be perfect. Then I remember: 1. That horrible feeling in my throat. 2. Mucous mounting in my throat. 3. That smell... ewwwww that smell. 4. Did I mention that smell? Gross. 5. My kids, the ones I quit for... they havent seen their dad smoke in almost 2 years. I wonder if it isnt even a thought to them. 6. The ashes and burn marks in my car. 7. That nagging feeling that I should quit. I mean I could go on and on. The most awakening times are when I smell a smoker in the checkout line... and I think to myself if I smelled THAT bad. I mean I couldnt right? There's no way I smelled that bad. But I am sure I did. I am up to almost an hour on cardio exercises. I could barely do 5 mins of light cardio. Now I do intense cardio. I dont get sick anymore...like ever! No colds. No bugs. Do I have bad days? You bet your a$$ I do but you know what? I get by. I have also taken a giant step in sobriety too. Yes I gave up alcohol. It is so much easier not to smoke when I dont drink. I thought i would just give it up after I got over the smoking hump but it stuck. I am ever so greatful to people like you who guided me. I posted a lot on another board which may be gone now as I couldnt find it but what I can say for all those newbies or lurkers is this... IT IS SO WORTH IT. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO GIVE IT A FULL EFFORT TRY. I tiptoed around giving it a full try. I danced with my justifications for not quitting. I fed my addiction. There have been almost 11 million smoking related deaths since I quit. Let THAT sink in. Not even two years into my quit and 11 million of people just like me have died. Those who couldnt kick the habbit. Those who were tied down by this addiction. Those who could not escape deaths grip. Dont let that be you. Live your life smoke free and every day you will see its benefits. You owe it to yourself to just try.
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    Great job Seren! You made it past that horrible first week and are well on your way to week 2. Keep it up!
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    OMG thanks so much for all your warm wishes and beautiful comments. I'm so happy to be on this journey with you all- champions one and all! We're all beating this beast in style and keeping our sense of humor all the way. Thanks a million, friends old and new! We got this!
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    How's it going Steve???? We get worried when we don't hear from you!!!!
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    What a fantastic accomplishment Despair Not!!! And not only have you achieved your first year of smoke free living, you've done it while being such a help and support to the rest of us along the way. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated you this past year. Celebrate big today, you've earned it! Congratulations!
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    I just googled it.. Never heard or seen of it before... Does anyone else think this is weird? Why don't we gave Scotty Hair over here?
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    I am soooooo ready to celebrate with Despair Not!
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