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    oh boy! First of all Kitkat...welcome to the forum If you want to go another few years of this back and forth with the patches..lozenges...and vaping....with the very strong possibility of a relapse...only to end up right back here maybe 10 years later, well then, you are on the right path. If you want to be free of the slavery of nicotine addiction...educate yourself. Read read read all the educational materials provided by the board...countless videos on all these subjects you talk about. Listen....we have all been there where you are. But frankly....you are playing with fire. Make the true committment....get through the first day...second day...third day. Get through the first week. Come to the board and post your fears, frustrations..anything. But just don't take a puff. It really is as simple as that. Before you know it..you will be well on your glorious smoke free journey. Make this the quit that sticks. No more smoking. Period
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    Don't forget folks, we are addicts and as such, you will always be tied mentally to that addiction so it will never be like it didn't ever happen but once you have adjusted every aspect of your lifestyle to functioning as a non-smoker, you will be very comfortable with the whole thing and any thoughts you might have of smoking at that point will be just that; thoughts and memories of a past lifestyle. Personally, I'm glad of the occasional reminders. It reminds me that I am a nicotine addict and I know from everything I have learned here about this addiction that if I have "just 1", I will become a full time smoker again and I've worked too hard to ever want to go back there
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    Nope!! Happy Valentine’s Day. Tomorrow is our 35th wedding anniversary.
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    Can't be running around on Valentine's Day with a case of the breath stank... NOPE!
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    Looking for an egg to make out with.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Yes I would say the same as Doreen, too much nicotine. I quit just about 6 weeks ago and I had smoked for 44 years and I went cold turkey. It was hard but it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Sometimes the hardest thing about quitting smoking is the "fear" you build up about it. Once you conquer that fear each day you begin to see that it can be done. Just do this one day at a time, come here at least once a day and make the "NOPE" pledge (it really does help), do some research, and reach out to others and you will find that it is doable. Come on along for the ride and you will find that it is one the best journey's you will ever take.
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    Hi and welcome.... Can I ask if you have nicotine in your vape.? If you have ,you are certainly over dosing .... Spend some time time here..read all you can,watch all the videos.... You say you want to ditch the vape..great ,just chuck it in the bin... Never stick anything in your mouth and puff on it... There is so much info here ,to help you along...you can do it....believe in yourself... Looking forward to getting to know you better...
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    PFFT!! I am seriously not worried about it. Nothing can be as bad as the first week.
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    Roses are Red Violets are blue...keep your hands off my Boo !!!...lol....
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    It's all temporary.... What ever your feeling right now...will fade away....most folks who arrive on the Lido Deck..are comfortable in thier quits.. Patience Grasshopper...it takes time ....your body has alot of repairing to do.... I bought myself a Lego model...a airoplane for my grandson...man ..that was hard...but the pleasure I had handing the finished plane to him..success.... Do whatever it takes...
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    Still waiting for a check from Uncle Sam. Also looking forward to Feb 15th which is "1/2 off Valentine's day candy sale". I been having dreams lately about my room mate and I fighting. In waking life we get along just fine. I think cause there is a bit of trouble at work that has been pissing me off. Smoking dreams - For some reason when i have them, I am not typically smoking but just buying cigarettes by the gross or going around a cigarette factory snagging up a ton of them. Yeah like I mentioned, the worst of the battle may be yet to come. it took three months before I started getting hit real hard with cravings. I know you think I am trying to sound discouraging but it is more of a warning of the battle that may come. When I think of how it hit me three months in, which I was not expecting, I then think, "What other BS is coming in the way of trying to stay quit?"
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    OMG late again but still NOPE 24/7
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    Status report: The twins are fine. I repeat, the twins are fine.
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    I think it's a shame so many of the Old Timers don't post here often ,or not at all... There has been so many sat on this Train and have reached thier freedom... This has always been a small site compared to others ,that's what has made it different...it's been a friendly happy and supportive community... Face to face interaration is just as important ...
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    Sorry, Joel, I just think that is a whole lot of assignments without a lot of empathy for a new quitter. I would have run screaming from the site! BTR, just take it one moment at a time, and remember Not One Puff Ever!! You absolutely can do this...and there are a lot of quitters here to help you!
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    So my story starts 9 years ago, well actually 30 years ago was my first cigarette, 9 years ago was my first stop attempt over the years there have been a few to say the least , but i was once told by someone, never give up trying to give up. The longest ive stopped for is 9 months. This stop has been 37 days and 5 hours. Here's my issue, which i know many of you will disagree with, i stopped on the 21mg patch, now on the 14mg patch along with occasional 1.5mg loz and a vape. I dont need anyone to tell me im overdosing on nicotine but on my last stop i stopped with the vape and then started smoking again both cigarettes and vape, mental i know. The vape is now as bad a habit as the cigarettes were. Ive had no cravings on my stop, no surprises there, but i really want to ditch the vape but its become my crutch. Any advice?
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