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    Hello, So far, so good! By the way I have not yet fallen into temptation, why did I type 'yet" hmmmm - dislike! re-type, I have not fallen into temptation. However, my thoughts are constantly on smoking, which isn't completely abnormal as I have realised they always were, I never really smoked in the day due to the nature of my job, once home my daughter needs me so I would usually have to wait until the evening anyway, by which time it would feel like taking off a very tight, uncomfortable shoe and pure relief when I could smoke (Allen Carr's analogy). Therefore, I would be looking forward to something all day, and now I'm not, but I am ok with it thanks to this fantastic site, I am reading on here everyday reminding myself why I am now a non-smoker. I am not convinced I believe myself to be a non-smoker, wondering when it will be that a cave in, I will keep listening to the sensible part of me and still take one day at a time as it is early days. Already seen some benefits such as spending more time with my daughter, feel cleaner, skin has improved already I'm sure of it and I am coping ok, even my husband popping outside every 20mins for a smoke isn't affecting me too much. I know we are supposed to carry our lives on as normal but for the time being I don't wish to be tempted by evenings out which I know will include wine consumption for me so have decided on the gym tomorrow night and I will be designated driver to a sausage and beer festival on Sunday. Off to bed, feeling productive! :)
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