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    When I think about a cigarette I picture my greatest fear and that happens to be it. So that was perfect.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    I found week 3 hard....and then a customer on the other side of the country asked on the phone if was ok because I didn't seem myself, so I mentioned my quit and he gave me advice that really helped me.... Don't worry about tomorrow, just worry about today. Promise yaself Today I am not going to smoke and then make sure you dont. You know you can not smoke for 24 hours, you did it yesterday and the day before. Only focus on the next 24. It works.
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    Up in smoke, Remember that you no longer use or need nicotine. You are a better person for it. Fight for your quit each and every day. You deserve it.
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    One day at s time ..!!
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    Jo is right ...one day at a time ... Come and take the daily pledge ....it really is a powerful tool....!!!
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    NOPE I know I am late, but been at the hospital all day trying to figure out my headache. Still here still working on it. Anyway NOPE NOT ONE PUFF EVER!!!
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    I might eat some cheese...
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    I chewed all my spikes up when I quit almost seven years ago, lol. Chew on railroad spikes, they will give you extra iron and power, baby. Tomorrow will be another 24 hours under your belt, every minute counts right now. Stay as focused as you can and remember ! YOU HAVE QUIT NICOTINE !!! celebrate, darlin'.
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    Congratulations on eight years, Babs! I hope you stop by with an update!!
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    Yo! Have you heard of this thing called Coronavirus? It's a deadly pandemic that is completely out of control in the U.S. It's main method of transmission is primarily close, indoor contact. Exactly the type of environment you would find in Vegas. The probability of acquiring it increases exponentially with the number of people you encounter. Especially if they're from all over the country (potentially a "hot spot"). The fact that you're considering two agonizing ways to kill yourself 1.) the slow way from smoking 2.) the quick way from COVID-19, shows just how stupid and reckless addiction makes us.
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    ^^^^^ This ^^^^^^
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    Done here we call it "the Parson's Nose"....usually goes to one of the animals, or one of the dogs.
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    Best baked wings ever! You will swear they were fried (can also be done in air fryer) Nancy’s Wings 20-30 wing pieces (drums and flats) Food City will cut up the whole wings for you. Pat them semi-dry. 4 tablespoons baking powder (no aluminum) 2 teaspoons sriracha powder 2 teaspoons smoked paprika 2 teaspoons KOSHER salt Preheat oven to 425. Line baking pan with aluminum foil. Add baking rack and spray will with non-stick spray. Mix dry ingredients Put 10-15 wing pieces in bowl. Sprinkle with ¼ of dry mixture and toss. Add additional ¼ and toss, again. Repeat with additional 10-15 (I usually toss in two batches because it is easier) Cook for 20 minutes and flip. Cook for 20 minutes and flip. Cook for an additional 15- 20 minutes. Drain on paper towels and serve.
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    Congratulations on marking your 8th full year smoke free Babs. That's certainly an inspirational quit and is a beacon for new quitters to strive toward. Hope you find a way to celebrate because quitting never gets old! (oops - my bad! Originally had this a year short at 7 years )
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    Fine thank you....Just need a few railroad spikes to chew on you got any?
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    Congratulations on eight years quit babs, i miss you and your awesome way with words around here I hope you have a great day and celebrate in some way
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    Congratulations on 8 years smoke free, Babs! That is awesome!
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    Hello Michael, Please keep in mind that smoking is Nicotine Addiction, one cigarette and you'll be an addict again. I once blew a 2-year quit because of a similar idiotic thought. 3 weeks quit is a great milestone because the Nicotine has gone out of your system, you should no longer have any physical withdrawal, those are just mental cravings which can be coped with. Take a deep breath, drink water, find something to do and it will pass. Quit smoking is probably the most precious gift that you could have given yourself, so do yourself a huge favor and protect this wonderful delicate gift. You got this Michael! JohnQ
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    Congratulations, Babs on your SEVEN years of Freedom. Thank you so much for quitting, sweets ! You carried the torch for me and so many others. Have an awesome celebration. S
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    Yaaaa Babs ... 8 Years .. Congratulations.... You have been Inspirational....and helped so many ....me included .... I'll drink to that ...my fellow Moderator....Spoil yourself today.....Cheers !!!!!
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    Joe Cocker also did a cover of Out of the Rain. I'm a big fan of most of Cocker's work, but I never cared for his version of this song. Warren and the boys never did a studio version of the song, but could really belt it out live...
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    You don't need to use nrt cheque. You could just use normal stuff...um maybe that cinnamon stuff cos it has a bit of a bite to it. The action of chewing is still met without the nasty poisons and drugs.
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    On a Rare Sunny Day in England ...I decided to do some gardening ..... I could hear the guy neighbour nearby ...Hacking ,Coughing ...that horrible Smokers Cough ..... Now I know this guy is still in his thirties....but sounded like a old man ... It made me reflect how happy I am .....not to have to smoke anymore because I am a addict ... Freedom is so good ...
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