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    I smoked my last few cigarettes sitting on my back step ,crying I was given a ultimatum... Smoke or face amputation... I was devastated... All my other attempts to quit has failed...but...I had to try something... I was so desperate to succeed.. Tony had already been diagnosed with emphysema... And I still smoked...because I believed I couldn't quit... I had been given a old battered I pad to play about on,as I was not savvy...I decided to Google anything on the internet,that may give me some help I desperately needed.. I can across a forum...thought what have I got to lose ...somehow I managed to sign in ....and watch and listen.... A kind lady ...sent me a message today hello ...I explained to her I couldn't give me a name a ticker nothing...this lady took me under her wing ,set me up and running...I will always be in Nancy,s debt...my fairy godmother... It was a while before I posted I just watch and learned...I didn't sleep at all for a few weeks I read instead.... I Did my Daily NOPE...the days turned into weeks then into months...there was plenty of up and downs ,but I knew I had to plough on ,and as I was assured my those with more quit ..it would pass.... I was so proud to reach the Lido Deck....and I still feel that sense of pride ,4 yrs later.. Joining a forum ,posting ,making friends ,has made the difference to my having another failed quit ..to my success.. I have also been taught some niffty PC skills... I love being smoke free...and all the folks who follow me ,I want them to feel it too I wish to Thank Everyone who has sat on the train...newbies not so newbies ..oldies... You have helped me continue on my journey ..and I hope i have helped you in yours.. And all the folks who jump on the train in the future... You can do it...I did !!!! Xxxx
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    Today is my Mom's death day anniversary (lung cancer) She died the day before my youngest daughter's 6th birthday. For the next 4 years, my daughter cried herself to sleep the night before her birthday. (we never mentioned my mom at that time, she simply remembered) On her death bed, my mom asked me to to promise her I would quit smoking. I made that promise to her - never intending to keep it. That was 31 years ago.......... KTQ While I'm here................. I would like to say something to any lurkers reading this - I smoked for over 46 years (some people here have smoked even longer than that) I am a serial quitter with many failed attempts under my belt If you are here at the Quit Train, you probably are thinking about quitting I hate to sound cliche, but if I can do it - anyone can do it So please take a leap of faith, stop thinking about it, you can do it...you can quit smoking! You will find strength you never new you had One day at a time... some days may be rough, but sometimes life is rough There is always someone here for you, you will NEVER be alone in this Put down the excuses and do this for you!
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    Thank you sweet & wonderful people! You are my rocks & my salvation. You are my spirit lifters & my doubt squashers. This - BY FAR - has been the most difficult quit of my life. In past quits, I kick back and wait for The Big Excuse - it always shows up...okay tragedy has struck you can smoke now, but....way to go....you tried..... This time my mantra got me here - Smoking Is Not An Option - Along with an amazing support group, education about the addiction, NOPE, and one fearless husband who has lived with the spawn of satan without blinking an eye. But...I move forward with caution... The demon is not dead and as long as she is living I must fight the (ever changing) good fight. I can not and will not go back to square one again! This cat is too old & tired. I think it's best to hang around another year (or so) to cement my quit and move toward that beautiful feeling of freedom. (and to those that I will never see again (but will remain in my heart)...if you are lurking...thank you for supporting me in my journey )
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    Good morning fellow NOPErs and a special Good Morning to anyone out there lurking and considering joining or re-joining us because this one is especially for you... Thanks to the American calendar of days I now know that today is All or Nothing Day .... this is a concept as old as time but the Romans were the first to coin a special term for it... “Carpe Diem” or seize the day. All Or Nothing Day takes that spirit and urges people to break through their barriers, ignore the fears that hold them back, and make that big commitment to a better life. Everyone has something they would love to do if only they weren’t so scared. All Or Nothing Day is the day for the girding of loins, taking it on the chin, and confronting those fears. As it says, by breaking the deadlock you may end up with all or nothing, but at least the barrier is broken. You succeed or fail, but are no longer paralysed by indecision.... so why not Seize the Day and make 26th July the first day of your quit, the first day you pledge NOPE, Not One Puff Every, even if its just for the day... then I'll see you right back here same time tomorrow so we can pledge it again for another 24 hours. NOPE ... cos nothing controls my life but me o Topic of the Day: Mythical Creatures
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    Growing up in the 70's and 80's of course I had heard all of the talk about cigarettes being a "health hazard". As a thirteen year old this meant little to me as I snuck around getting cigarettes from wherever I could and hiding wherever I could to get my little fix. I was already addicted and I used to hang my head outside the toilet window and smoke. As if no-one knew. They knew they just didn't know what to do about it and neither did I, even at that early point I knew I was hooked. While I wasn't pleased about being hooked, I did seem to enjoy them. In fact I seemed to enjoy them a whole LOT! First thing in the morning I'd dream of my morning cigarette even before I climbed out of bed. This ritual continued for 30 years. Every now and then I would think I'd need to give up smoking. I'd try, fail and then rationalise that I seemed to be breathing ok so maybe I would get away with smoking without bad consequences. At 40 years old I did regular kickboxing classes and I could kick the asses of a lot of people who were younger than me. I continued to think if I kept physically fit, smoking would not hurt me. I was wrong. At forty I injured my back and then developed a disease that affected my joints. I could no longer work out and walking even was tough at times. I did all of the therapies I could to help myself but struggled with quitting smoking. Seven years on and I am approaching 50. I finally kicked smoking but have lingering effects of 30 years of smoking. I seem to be paying more than the mere monetary cost of cigarettes which mind you is almost the cost of rent at $360 per fortnight for a pack a day habit. My health is not good but it's not quite bad enough to get disability support. I've cut down my working hours so I don't have a full income. I never did pay off a home or save much money due to a lifetime of slavery to an addiction. I've reached a point where I should be slowing down due to health issues yet I can't due to my financial situation. Smoking seriously impacted my finances long term. It is only occurring to me now what all those years of smoking really did cost besides money. Seriously, my health to some degree, my ability to support myself (feel safe and trust in my own abilities). I've not included in this the extra odd wrinkle. If this post sounds negative, I make no apologies. It is reality. Only 10 years ago I thought I had everything sorted, with good health and the ability to look after myself. Would things have been easier if I'd have stopped then? Perhaps, I can't be sure. While I always avoid lecturing people, I think in this area I've somewhat earnt the right to lecture. So youngin's listen up (and us dumb older ones) do not continue to smoke if you are smoking and do not have the first one if you are quit. You may regret it more than you can know at this point in time. I also wanted to mention that I am doing well despite the trials I have had. I have a pretty full life. I work, have lots of friends and am also doing uni. I look after myself with a great diet and am hoping this will serve me into old age. While I don't kickboxing, I do yoga and ride my push bike and the elliptical at the gym.
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    I'm not smoking for today
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    G’day Never took a selfie before. Had a try tonight. Suppose I had this idea that I’d look great .....like some of those shots of my niece with the big eye shots. How do they do that? chucked most in the bin! Finally used the last one. Well... would be better with a full beard, but I’ll have to keep it short till the next OP. The Tam well why not... 6 generation Aussie Scott. That beard was ginger once.... Now it’s pretty much silver. The little wee one next door, little miss 4 is a little worried about the loss of the beard might have an impact on her presents at Christmas... Plus she’s off to New Zealand this year to be with extended family... ive promised Christmas will happen even in NZ. Just my luck someone going to tell her the truth... and she’s old enough to understand.... C
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    Moving day and it’s NOPE!
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    Nope... an cos really which chick doesn't like ta push the button:
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    Here's to the new week! NOPE!!!
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    Nope! Because smoking is bad for all living creatures!
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    The oh ? a cannae see the button without ma glasses and a didnae get them off quick enough before i pressed the button selfie..?
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Nope. tomorrow will be my 4 week cigarette free anniversary.
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    Are you afraid to QUIT? ... I was. Are you scared that you will fail or fail again? ... Yep, me too. Is your fear that it will be too hard? .... kinda Is your fear you just can't do it? ... that too Is your fear quitting will make you sick? ... yep Is your fear quitting will hasten you death? ... Absolutely petrified this would be the case and as irrational as it was it was the biggest fear I faced. You know what I learnt when I quit? ..... I learnt fear is just a tool nicotine used to control me... it was irrational and built out of proportion. I have been quit for over 10 months now and if anything I am angry with myself that I wasted so many years smoking because I was scarred for all the reasons above. Have I failed?.... not yet, and I wont, I have no intentions of failing, I feel comfortable saying this feels different than any previous quit. I'm an addict, I'll always be an addict, I'll always be one puff away from a pack a day... but I know that, I embrace that and I really don't want that one puff ever. Was it too hard??? .... Hell no, it was actually easier than I thought it would be... not saying it wasn't hard my lovelies because it was... but it was nowhere near as hard as I had let fear build it up to in my mind. I've certainly done much harder things in my life but then again I've done much easier things too... facing my fears head on and not using them as an excuse to not try has made it easier than I thought it could ever be. Could I do it??? ...... YES... I could and you can too... its simple, don't put anything in your mouth and set it on fire... after that first 24 hours, I know I could do a day without smoking, I'd done it... so I only have to last 24 hours... then when that's up I only have to last another one.... 10 months later people and here I am doing this every day... same way I'm going to be doing it for the rest of my days. So did quitting make me sick???..... NOPE.... not one bit, didn't even get bronchitis this winter and its been a long time since that was the case. So if you have been lurking you might know I have some health issues that came to light after I quit but had I not quit it would have been too late to do anything to make me better... so no, quitting did not make me sick, it is helping to cure me. Am I dead??? ......NOPE... obviously... and some of you may be scratching your heads at this one.... but for nearly a decade I was terrified to quit, I had worked the fear almost to the point of phobia, occasionally I still have nightmares that because I am not smoking I will die... Is this chick frickin' crazy? I hear you ask yourselves.... well yes, we all know that I am, but my brain and the hold I let nicotine have over it turned a failed quit attempt (that saw me end up in hospital in a coma post a PE from a DVT) into nearly a decade of 'certainty' that if I tried to quit again I would die. I mean break out in a sweat at the thought of it fear. Long story short, I used a quit method and had a bad reaction to it that caused a DVT that turned into a Pulmonary Embolism ... so 3 days in a coma, nearly 2 weeks in hospital and what was the first thing I did when I walked out the door... I lit up.... and then I convinced myself, or let my addiction convince me, that I should never try to quit again because next time I wouldn't be leaving the hospital.... BUT am I dead???? NOPE.... Will I die??... well of course I will, we all will, but what I can guarantee you 100% is that quitting will not be why I died. So what did I have to Fear???.... NOTHING, my fears were all like wisps of smoke... I blew against them and they dispersed into the ether leaving me smoke free, nicotine free.... leaving me free. And guess what, you too can face your fear. Don't let a fear that has festered and grown because of an addiction's want of control over you be the thing that stops you from quitting. Use today, International Face Your Fears Day... to do just that, face your fear and take back your life. Just over 10 months ago I did and it was the best gift I have ever given myself.
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    A NOPE for me as well! GL with the move
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    NOPE! At 2 in the morning when I got up to finish my work for uni!!! Argh!!
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    G'day world NOPE starts this day C
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    G’day NOPE starts my day C
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    C'mon, smile. You always look so serious. I used to hear those lines all the time, for over a decade. And there was a good reason. I kept my mouth closed like a vise (vice for you Brits). It all started when I was 39 and I made a routine trip to the dentist. He did that thing where he pushed a tool under my gums at each tooth and called out a number. 5, 7, 7, 9, 8, 5, 9, 8, etc. Apparently high numbers (on a scale of 1-10) were bad. "We're going to have to extract 4 teeth today and send you to a periodontist. You probably have some hereditary periodontal disease, but smoking for decades is likely the biggest contributor". WTF! I had used a Sonicare toothbrush ever since they first came out. At least twice a day. I flossed and used a Waterpik every evening. But those tools were not powerful enough weapons to combat the damage smoking was doing to my mouth. The sad thing is, I continued to smoke for another decade. And the problems grew worse. 4 bridges, 2 crowns, and receding gum lines that made my teeth look twice as long as normal. My solution was to never smile. ? Long story short, I had to have all my teeth removed last year. Had to choose between dentures ($10K out of pocket) or full implants ($47K out of pocket). I chose the later, and am happy with the aesthetic result, but it will never feel the same as my real teeth and I'll be paying off the implants for years. I know there are much more serious consequences to smoking out there. Cancer, heart disease, COPD, etc. But I just wanted to bring up one of the not so obvious damages that may occur as a result of long term smoking. Please throw this on your pile of concerns if you're young and considering quitting now. The good news is, I've never felt better since I quit smoking, and I now have good reason to smile about my life of freedom.
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    Ahhhh ! Drinking deep from the bottomless cup of NOPE !!!
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    Good morning NOPErs. Welcome to another week of wonders. So today is Fresh Breath Day which seems to be a passve agressive way to let someone you know in on the fact they have haitosis BUT ... I think we should take this day to rejoice in that fact that now we are smoke free wonder beings, never again will our breaths resemble that foul mixture of death and a week old ashtray. So well done one and all on having living a smoke free fresh breath life not just for today but forever. NOPE ... cos I value myself.
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    NOPE....I'm going to catlovers birthday party!! Happy Birthday catlover!!!!
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