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    G’day NOPE ..... don’t smoke No More
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    G’day NOPE to start my day
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    G’day NOPE makes my day
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    G’day yep still here
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    NOPE - smoking sucks!
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    Deep Breaths, several sighs of relief, Friends of old and new, the warm and soft glow of this forum screen Yes it is home to a weary off on off on smoker, especially no that it is off again. How you all been doing ? I was so happy to see you all were still here. I am Cherry again ! Got a new job Supervisor of Maintenance with Burlington coat factor will it s just "Burlington" now I walked into a super crew and Manager, making good money, i thought it was time to stop punishing my self and get off of the smoking wagon again. Talk to me I missed you all so much/
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever!
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    Happy Birthday Johnny...have a fab day...
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    I always feel like I'm missing out on all the fun with those pictures. I've stared. I've refrained from blinking. I've tried blinking rapidly. I held the picture close to my face and moved it away. I held the picture away from my face and moved it closer. And still...I haven't seen a damn thing. What the hell...lemme take another look.
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    I was told by my grandma...always carry a safety pin ....in case the elastic in your knickers snapped ...
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    Welcome katv. You have come to the right place for help to quit smoking. We all have felt like you. I actually came to believe I could not quit. I had tried everything and was not able to quit until I found this forum. The people here knew just what I needed to realize I had the power to quit. Since I am on my phone, I Can't quote @Vivianne. She is right on the mark when she says you have to separate your thinking. Educate yourself on the addiction so your brain recognizes the junkie thinking. Understand that you will go through a couple of days of discomfort and then learn to redirect your thoughts. The further you get away from smoking, the more power you achieve. Stay close to the forum, read through other people's quits. Realize you can do this!
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    Playing with my new fur babies Kizzy and Bertie. They are a bundle of fun climbing all over me. I feel like a pincushion, there tiny claws have punctured me lol...
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    Pretty sure our @Stewietech would have the answer to that one
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    Just sitting here ...with a glass of wine ...
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    Got some really GREAT news and I really wanted to celebrate by smoking I am having a hard time trying not to reach for a cigarette right now. (I do not have any around me) But I could easily go to the store . . . but I am trying really hard to ride thru this!
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    NOPE!! I recommend everyone get their flu shot ASAP as the dang illness is already going around as I found out the hard way, been sick for a week now, UGH! Thankfully I don't smoke anymore, I would have felt even worse for sure!
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    Seven licks for you! Congratulations!!
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    One thing for today ? I'd like to do this again....like NOW. I would like to hop on a jet and meet a lover somewhere where nobody knows our name. No phone, no internet. Maybe a beach....maybe a river....some body of water,. Maybe a mountain stream in a mountain meadow. Good food, good cocktails...enough for days. Leave when satiated.
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    I like the JAC in the car especially I went to my work's family picnic today and there was a lotta smokin' so I went thru a lot of suckers. But I got this cool arm painting out of the deal lol
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    I was just going to mention the JAC. I cut down a straw to cigarette size and it really helped me. You can ride this out -- Keep strong!!!!!
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    It is so good to see that Bakon has a 7 years quit. We quit at aproximately the same time. My feelings about smoking at 7 years quit are the same as his: "No interest in smoking, and I feel sorry for people who continue to smoke". If you are still smoking and reading this thread, remember the title of Bakon´s thread: "Starting now....." It is never impossible to quit smoking, and you can start RIGHT NOW. Cristóbal
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    Going to see the nurse in a couple of hours to be nagged about quitting smoking. Little does she know that I have, tee hee!
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    Nooo it's gone again ....Humbug !!!!
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    I love you too! I am so glad I found this place. I wish I could have stumbled across it years ago.
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