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    Rozuki In 25 days, I will celebrate 3 yrs quit!! I have had a few health issues in those 3 years, but survived a stroke in 2017 and CABG x 3 open heart surgery in 2018. No complaints and my doctors are happy with how I am doing. Gained quite a few lbs\kg (due to the heart surgery, not the fact that I quit smoking!!) but have managed to lose a few of 'em...will be doubling down on the exercise as I need to fit into a bathing suit the week of May 1st!!! I retired January 2019 and in process of getting my house ready to sell this summer...fingers crossed it goes quickly and smoothly. Here is a cute pic of one of my dogs, his name is Panda....he is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) and is a sweetie-pie of a little tuff guy!
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    Gday Im Chris 4 years quit and determined to stay that way! nothing much to report on and frankly like to keep this year dull, uneventful and boringly heathy.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Oh My! we are early today haha... It is only 4.30pm here in the UK, but I will say a big fat NOPE.... and at 11.30pm tonight I will have been quit 2 years..... I am feeling blessed.
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    S&D You will only be successful if you change your first sentence to "I don't want to smoke again." Regarding cravings....there is no magic method to completely eliminate cravings in the early going. There are ways to distract and delay cravings (as many have suggested here), but they tend to be pretty persistent in the initial stages of quitting. The key is to get your mind to the point where smoking is no longer an option. My early mantra: "I will not smoke no matter what you throw my way you bastard! So bring it on!" Get your mindset right and there's no way you'll fail.
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    Phil (mightyboosh) 5 months quit. Still not a millionaire despite all the lottery tickets I've bought. This is me.
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    Yowza!! 7 months - this is the longest I've gone without smoking in lord knows how many years! (too many to be exact). But I feel good - I can breathe, no more hacking and coughing and covering up with spray to hide the smell! My smell and taste are sooo much better. Wishing all the best with their quit! Never quit quitting no matter how many times it takes!
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!
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    nope An early congrats to catlover as I usually don't log on weekends. 2 years of NOPE is an amazing feat!
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    All good advice from all our friends above. This is my opinion of how important the mind set is to quitting. I think the chances of staying quit increase if you identify the core nugget that motivated you to quit in the first place. It needs to be nurtured and remembered but most importantly of all, RESPECTED. It deserves to be to the highest degree. That thought that we all had on here, at some point, was our mind at its finest and most lucid. It was a little stroke of genius amidst our mundane day to day thoughts. So, are we going to let a filthy, expensive and deadly tube of transient relief from an addiction win over that pure and honourable moment of clarity and truth we experienced? NO and again NO! In my particular case it was thought of potentially losing my leg due to claudication. It was a total no-brainer so when I was told it was getting worse five months ago, I quit the following day. It is now improving with every breath of fresh air I take. Good luck.
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    REZ checking in! Long time no see all! Long time quitter! 5+ years but that as high as I can count! Left doctor when sick long time ago, Quit that night and haven't looked back! Got a new to me house and truck, 3 dogs, new job that still sucks, and my wife that I met on here (Actually on another quit site) and going on 4 years! Tracey and I are doing great! Been across the pond a few times, Punta Cana, Canada, Florida, Arizona, Carolina's and more. We have been exercising a lot (Weights & Running). Eating healthy thanks to Tracey. Learning on how to drink wine without falling over, but JD still my favorite! All this since we quit, pretty much a new life! Planning this years vacations. Might go skiing this weekend if we can find some snow! Waiting for the summer, sun, pool, fun, and bike! Still like running around outside buck naked in the morning! Getting to be an old fart and thinking about retirement in a couple of years, might move down south next to Bakon! No pictures to share because of new work computer. Good memories of this site, keep up the awesome work newbies and oldies! REZ Out!
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    NOPE Happy Friday everybody
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    Howdy! Quit cold turkey 9/26/2016. It has been one helluva ride. Made it through turbulent waters and now I'm coasting in laminar flow. Early on, I relied on (too heavily probably-)the words/poetry of Mike Piano and Bassman Two gents from another site. Newbies should find soft landing here Stay awhile and nurture your quit. Some quitters prefer a more hard-ass approach. Not me. It was not as easy as Allen Carr promised. Some days, the craves crashed over me. I nearly drowned. But I did not. Every so often I feel a twinge. An ache. A temptation. Nostalgia's whisper is a scream. I vowed NOPE from day 1 of my forever quit. I've kept that promise. As for the picture -- for those that know me, know that I haven't figured out how to post those clever mimes, gifs, crap whatever y'all call it... Yep to NOPE! L4L
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever.
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    Awesome @NOPEster! You should be proud. What a wonderful quit! NOPE for me too!
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    No no no nope no no! Three years cig free coming Feb 5th. Incredible for this former 2-3 pack a day chain smoker. I bicycle and play pickleball now. My family is incredibly proud of me. Not One Puff Ever. Anyone trying to quit I wish you the best. It WAS hard at first, the first few months. But it just got easier and easier from there. Stay close to this site; the folks here helped me through it all.
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!
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    Love you! You get stronger every day!
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    This is so great to see all of you. No I am not participating as yet, except to say its nearly 12 months non smoking. I never do selfies, I never divulge my age or Gender if I can help it. I never ever want to smoke again.
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    Paul (BKP) 4 years quit. Hands down, best decision ever. Feel so much better physically and mentally. Looking forward to my next backpacking trip to the Sierra Nevada or Olympic Mountains....haven't decided yet.
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    NOPE I don't smoke anymore
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    None of us wanted to die but we all continued to smoke because of the addiction. Now is the time to buckle down and take control of the addiction. You are done smoking! Each day you go without smoking, the more powerful you become. Stay close to the forum and educate yourself. As you travel the journey, imagine you body repairing. You can do this!!!!!
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    I found it's imperative to have a solid reason for why you want to be a non-smoker. During the quit process, that reason will be tested and you will need to draw strength from it. In your above statement, you listed two reasons. Which one is the true reason for you wanting to be a non-smoker? 1) It's a palindrome date 2) I don't want to die You're going to have to dig deep and make that reason very honest and from the core of you because it WILL become your lifeline from time to time.
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    Gday NOPE .... not on a friday
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    S&D, the initial challenges will never change, whether you quit today, tomorrow, or one, two, twenty, or thirty years from now. You will always have strong craves at the beginning of your quit and the addiction will always come up with reasons why now isn't the right time. But guess what? It's always "now", and it will never be an easier time to quit, so you have to do so with the absolute determination that you are simply not going to smoke anymore no matter what it takes to get through the tough moments, hours, and days. What will change the longer you continue smoking is that your health will continue to deteriorate to some degree in expected or unexpected ways, so that makes today a very good day to quit. You CAN do this, and, at a minimum, the reward will be a smoke-free and (finally) crave-free life.
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