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    hellkatbaby, he is adorable. Is he a Rottweiler? Fish tanks are a great hobby. There is one at my doctors' office and I find it to be so relaxing. My son is also into them and actually grows the plants to sell. Be prepared, that hair may come in curly. My friend had that happen after treatments. I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. It is amazing the new medical treatments they have. You are doing so great. Stay strong and keep healing.
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    Wow I hate to see so many people getting sick on here. I know it's that time of year - but it really does suck. My own BF sounds like he's about to keel over so I've basically been living in my office/spare room for almost a week. Leaving nothing to chance and taking stock in Lysol lol. But I hope everyone gets well soon. So during my time of not being able to do my old hobbies - soaping etc. I've somehow gotten into fish and aquaponics. It started out so innocently with me just wanting a betta for my desk however my BF said just get a 10 gallon tank - so I did. But I couldn't stop thinking about that betta, so went out and got a 1.5 gallon cube for my desk so I could watch him swim while I worked. Well 1 quickly turned into I need another one - so now I have 3 tanks . At first I just had the plastic plants and decorations then took all that out and added live plants for an aqua scape got some driftwood. I'm hooked - It's like smoking I want just one more then I'll stop! Lucky I don't have the space for it because I'd go broke real quick. Went to get dog food the other day and ended up checking out their 55 gallon tanks lol - I had to pull myself away. But I really enjoy it, it's like therapy almost. My hair - the past 2 weeks it just sort of took off and the sides and back growing in faster than the top but not enough that you still cant see my scalp so maybe in another month or so I'll have scalp coverage. I was hoping by summer I'd have enough to do something like a pixie but only time will tell. I will say it's much easier to wash lol. My next visits are in March for an EKG and then in May for another lung scan. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will have to have these scans and tests for the rest of my life - and that's fine. As long as it's a good quality life vs quantity. Because I hated feeling as if there was so much to do and so little time to do it. So I'm learning to make time for the things I enjoy. In other words it's time to start living and not dwelling. It's not easy as I have my breakdown days but that's ok - I look at it as a whole body release and just give into it and then I feel better. Oh and here's my doodlebug getting ready for Valentines day - begging for hugs and treats lol.
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    hellkatbaby, Rotties can be such big lovable babies. I bet he is the best medicine for you. My son has a friend that owns a pet store and he grows them to him. He does not sell them online. I love the haircut. I wear mine short and similar. It cracks me up that gray is in now. I have been coloring mine for a while. Once I went short, I never went back. It is easy to take care of though. I bet you would look beautiful with any style!
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    He is a Rottie in every way! He's a licker and a leaner and stick by your side and under your feet food cleaner lol. He pretty much loves everyone once he gets to know them - but he's very territorial and HATES the mailman lol. Ahhh the fish and plants (it really is zen) Does he sell them online or just local? I've actually been doing a lot of research on what plants go best with what fish/light/temp/tank size etc. so much info but I know that 55 gallon (maybe bigger) will be mine mwa-ha-ha! I have heard that. My neighbors actually came back thicker and curley. I was reading an article on the actress Selma Blair and how she chose radiation to help with her MS. She did lose her hair and said that it would either come back a different color or texture and she would just keep shaving it until it came back the color she wanted lol. I'll just be happy it's back - I'm really excited to see what cool pixie would look like. I've always had long hair so I may decide I like it short. Maybe something like this as far as the tops and sides - love that color. Pic is not me of course tho I wish it were lol.
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    Really good to hear from you ! I think about you often too and send love and light out there for you to use. So happy you have such good news. Stay strong. Eat well. and Happy Birthday, you !
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    It's funny because I always hated short hair on me due to one really bad hair cut when I was younger. But now I'm realizing the simplicity of it - especially shower time lol. I still do not have enough to style it's more scalp coverage at the moment and soft like baby duck fuzz lol. I wore my wig out the other day and I'm just not comfortable in it at all. I'm not sure if it's because I know is not real and that makes me even more self conscious thinking well then everyone knows it's not real type thing. But so far my fave are the winter beanies from Colorado chick. Nice, warm, comfy and so many colors. Hopefully by summer the top will catch up with the rest and I wont need a cap or scarf or wig. Oh my cat could lay there forever and just watch them, so much so that she didn't even notice the 2 betta tanks I've had for at least 2 months until the other day lol. She was like what is this! I actually was cleaning their tanks yesterday and each one has it's own olive nerite snail. Now I was told that while they will lay eggs w/out a mate the eggs wont hatch in freshwater and if they do they wont survive. Well, there were 7 babies just from 1 of the tanks! So I put 1 baby with each betta and the rest in my 10 gallon. Not sure if they will survive - but we'll see. I really want to do just one more tank lol. It is very therapeutic. I'd love a pond but with my dogs and the nightly raccoon visits it might be more work than I'm willing to put in. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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    Great update hellkat, I too am a fish lover Got my first tank for my cats 2nd birthday to keep him occupied while I was at work. He loved it and I just went bigger from there, so relaxing to watch. I graduated to a pond about 10 years ago and love it. So much easier to maintain and the koi , goldfish and plants are such a great variety. Keep up that amazing positive attitude of yours because you got this thing beat! xoxo
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    Good to see you checking in HCBaby !
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    Thank you Linda - it really is good to 'be back'. And life is way much better smoke free even given all I'm going through. I got the results of my 2nd scan today and everything is STILL SHRINKING!! And the fight continues lol!
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    Oh Hellkat. I have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing. I have prayed that your health would improve. I am so thrilled to read this. You are one brave soul and I am so proud of your butt kicking. Isn't life wonderful without smokes! It is amazing what the medical field can do now a days. I am confident you are in good hand. I hope, now that you are feeling better you can visit us more often. Take care
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    Hey everyone!!! I know it's been a while but I had some butt kicking to do - I was down but not out and now I'm back with a vengeance and 6 months smoke free!! Yea baby! My last scans were in Nov and showed that everything is shrinking and some even resolved so the target therapy is working. All my lymph nodes are back to normal (BTW I had no clue we had lymph nodes in our chest near our lungs). But there was one they were really worried about because it was pretty large so they were really excited to see that one go right back to normal w/in that short of time. Tomorrow I go back for my 2nd set of scans and hopefully it will all be good things! I've been working from home since they gave me the ok after they saw my scans and it has been good medicine. It seemed once I got back into my routine my appetite picked up, my mood picked up and I have more energy. Considering it all I feel really good!! I hope everyone is doing good with their quit! It's hard and to this day I will still get the urge and then it passes! NOPE!
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