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    Welp - I guess it's time to start the blog and not clog up the threads: This is my 2nd try but it doesn't seem to show up?? But anyhow!! TEAM DEADPOOL is officially GAME ON! Today was another good day! I'm 1/2 way through my radiation treatments with only 5 days to go (excluding weekends)! After this AM's treatment I met back with my radiation/oncology team. They have reduced my steroid intake to only 1 pill a day which means the treatments are doing their job. They plan to wait 60-90 days for my next MRI to make sure everything is A-OK and that is the best waiting time to get the best results. He knew they were waiting on that 'thumbprint' gene however had not known that it was confirmed and immediately ran out to check my files. When he came back he seemed as relieved as we did yesterday! He wanted to make sure I wasn't having any side effects or vision changes (which I haven't) and advised again that in the up-coming weeks I may start to see my hair falling out. Again - small potatoes but considering I have long thick hair and they keep looking at it like 'we just don't know' and I also feel they don't want me to 'lose' site of the fact that it may or will happen just so I'm prepared. But in all honesty I do expect to lose it - and that's OK and the least of my worries at this point. All my vitals were totally normal and now that I'm down to just the 1 steroid a day sleep should hopefully come a lot easier now and I'll be over the whole 'zinging' around with this unfiltered energy at odd hours of the night. Fingers crossed!! I made my 1st frozen fruit juice pops this AM and got to try them when we got back - I have to say I'm impressed with myself lol. My mom even liked them and said it took her sweet tooth edge away. Later on I cut up some kiwi and had her try it, she actually ended up stopping by the store on her way home to pick some up she liked it so much! You go mamma!! Tonight we dine on whole wheat spaghetti - this will be a 1st for me so we'll see how it goes. A nice fresh salad mix with berries, nuts, a tad of parm cheese and homemade dressing! MMMM - cant wait!! I'm just feeling really good!! I didn't push today and even rested and recharged which was what I needed as the last thing I need to do is burn myself out. All positive thoughts and trying to find that balance with everything seems to be pulling together at last. Gearing up for the next level so to speak. I hope everyone has a great night and no matter where you are in this battle never give up - never give in or Team Deadpool will come kick your ASS!!!!
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    Video explains why inhaling a drug like nicotine is the fastest way to deliver it to the brain and also how cigarette companies and now vaping manufacturers have manipulated their products to make them even easier to lead to addiction.
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    How am I going to get through this. When is the day gonna come that I don't obsess over a cigarette? Am I destined to be miserable? To never feel happy? I know people say that I will be happy again but I don't feel that way. I have been quit for 2 1/2 months now. I still find it hard to concentrate. It's not going to happen for me. My joy is gone. Cigarettes have ruined my life. I pray for true happiness. I wish I could be an inspiration instead of this pathetic woe is me person. I know I should be grateful. I should be free. But I'm still a slave. Why? Is there something wrong with me? Is my brain wired wrong?if all this isn't enough, I beat myself up for having a negative attitude. I'm still committed. NOPE. Prayers for better days.
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    Three weeks ago, I learned that I have cataracts. Mild, and progression can be slowed if I quit smoking and adopt other healthy habits. One week ago, diagnosed with glaucoma. It's hereditary, apparently, but no one in my family back two generations had it, so likely this can be attributed to smoking. When I left the eye doctor's office, I thought, "this is it; here is the impetus to get me to quit and stay quit." I came back to the site and pledged for the day, feeling optimistic. Panicky feelings followed, and before the day was out, I'd succumbed to the pressure I felt to get a nicotine fix. Yesterday and this morning I created a visual: long arrow slanting up and to the right for the right path of health and the benefits of healthy habits; long arrow slanted down and to the right with every negative consequence of smoking I could think of. Threw away the cigarettes (again). Not making a pledge today. My promise to myself is meaningless, based on past experience. Withdrawal today, tomorrow (but I have it off and can panic at home), then working the next. If I start weeping at work, I'll slap on a patch, but I think I can make it through. I made it 5 weeks. It's possible to do it again, and beyond. It's all in my mind.
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