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    Pride is not bad. You should be proud, you quit smoking ! You are putting your addiction to sleep. I'm proud of you and I don't even know you, well...you know what I mean. Quitting gives you back your self respect and self esteem and self confidence. These are no longer tied to a poison. Soon, they will flourish like never before. Hang in there and protect your quit.
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    Really want to keep this quit for the rest of this life. ^^This is all you need to be successful for the rest of your life Darcy
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    Another great post, darcy. Have you given up sugar and caffeine or are you planning to ? I gave up caffeine a few years ago Caffeine Withdrawal and it was much more physically challenging than nicotine. My recommendations would be to not go cold turkey but, wean yourself. I know I know I know...the advocate of CT.... But, physically it was really rough and that would be ameliorated with a program of cutting back. Sugar, I know nothing about and consume so little it has never been an issue. Whereas salt ! lol.
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    It's nice when you get to the point where you feel more positive than negative. Hope it keeps getting better and better for you! p.s. Congratulations on 1000 cigarettes not smoked!!
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    Always great to read you, Darcy. Owls ! Lemon Cookies ! "am I solid enough to change my patterns when the worst storms hit? " YES. You are plenty solid. NOPE your way through.
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    planning...more like outlining a plan. caffeine is really 2-4 cups, 8oz cups, of coffee in the morning (heavily laden with cream and sugar), so more than I'd like , but many miles from the 6 Monsters a day I drank 10 years ago. You could say I have weaned over a decade...lol. and the sugar... I have been trying t be aware of how much I consume, just so I actually know....seems I randomly binge and have dessert everyday. The dessert thing started 10 years ago....used to be occasional desert, now daily. Currently, I am trying to be excited about my success in ceasing nicotine. My screwed up internal dialogue snidely comments, "so what , you still are weighing in at extremely unhealthy numbers, so why bother with one , if you're not going to fix (choose healthy) for all." My actual self realizes that progress is progress and loving myself as I am IS the HEALTHIEST choice and path I can possibly take. Your continued support and connection is deeply appreciated.
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