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    It's not just a case of ..!!!!Oh well I'll try again.!!!!..... I've seen people with good quits ,smoke one or two ...and just carnt get back to quitting for good ,and go back to smoking full blown . It can take years before ,they get in the right frame of mind to try again ...and still fail..... The only reason a quit fails is because ,folks still believes the cigarette offers you something...you still believes the lies...... This means you still haven't read and understood the nature of this killer addiction ... If you carry on smoking ,your more than likely will contract a smoking related illness....some are irreversible...... If your here ...you have a quit .....all you need to do now ,is keep hold of it with everything you have .... I live with someone who ,if they could would turn back the clock ,and do exactly this ...emphysema is something you don't want ....
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    Eight months done and dusted. Its been 25°C for some days now, probably too hot for this time of the year. I am so happy that it doesnt affect me at all: it means I did a good job dealing with these craves last summer, when I quit. In terms of seasonal triggers, I think I am safe to say Ive had the worst. Pretty uplifting idea! Time is starting to speed up. I dont know how to describe it, but thoughts of smoking are turning into soft whispers in the background and the days that I hardly think about it are adding up. Its facinating, because I know Ive been working towards this and yet it strikes me as, well, relief? That it really was true, what everyone here said? And that it also works for me..? Working on it, fighting for it, studying on it, all that hard work is starting to really, really pay off now. More and more I am able to let go of holding on to quitting, if that makes sense. Ofcourse I could make a giant list of pro's, but right now these are the most important: * I saved money for more than half a piano (hence the picture). * I save and still have extra money to spend in daily life, which makes me feel more independant. * I feel so much better physicaly, its shocking. * I take care of myself way better. What started as time biding and routine changing, became daily rituals: making ginger tea instead of coffee in the morning, tooth picking/brushing 3 times a day and discovering all sorts of new toothpaste, deep breathing (only managed to do that since i was at 6+ months. So glad I kept trying, its brilliant) and last but not least: slowing down when I am tired, mourning when I experience loss and need to proces and cheering myself up when I know thats what I gotta do (I used to be the person to sít in my sadness, put on Nick Drake and drown myself in it). I really hope this helps you, if youre struggeling at the moment. Things will be better. Every day, even every minute is part of the bigger story. You WILL feel good again, you WILL feel proud eventually and you are doing this for a reason. Cling to it, write it down. Do what you need to, when you need to do it and know that there is never ever a genuine reason why you could not become a nonsmoker.
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    G’day NOPE ( did you know HOPE rhymes with NOPE.... sorry I get amused by the small things sometimes) C
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever
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    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! As I continue to march on
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    Gday NOPE for today C
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    Nope! 2 days away from 6 years…6 years ago at this time I was reading, “The Host” to try to distract myself from the upcoming battle to quit and save my own life. Extremely stressed out. Now I couldn’t care less about smokes. Ain’t no thang.
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
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    g’day NOPE Not One Puff Ever
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever! Happy Friday, everybody!
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    NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!! And a happy Friday it will be!!
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    This is what I've been up to!!! 2years quit!!! And, to celebrate?? We bought our first house!! My new beautiful home to compliment my new beautiful life! (Maybeee it wasn't because we quit (because husband is still quit too!) but it IS convenient that we closed last week...a week before my quitiversary) I love loVE LOVE my quit; I still carry it proudly and use it to encourage anyone who is still addicted to quit. They STILL don't like to hear how easy it was, but if I can just keep planting that seed... maybe one will grow. And, let me tell you, losing my phone was another spiritual experience for me as it freed my mind and heart from distraction. I feel like I am putting more time in where it matters, the kids, my husband, the house work. It made me take an honest look at me and if I filled my cigarette hole with phone addiction. I came to the conclusion that I kind of did...not intentionally, but just needing an instant fix was an addicted sign that I learned to recognize while I quit smoking. So, seeing that big red flag of NEED over my phone being gone was a sign for me to clean up my act. I honestly truly feel like a new breath of life was given to me when I chose to quit smoking...what a beautiful thing. I love you guys and I hope everyone has a glitterful day!!
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    G’day NOPE starts my day
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    NOPE --- Yay we are on the right day !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mornin fellow NOPErs... Today is ANZAC Day, and as I stand at the local cenetaph with 3-4000 locals from ancient to new born waiting for dawn and the service for those who have fallen, those who served I off up my thanks. Lest We Forget. NOPE.
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