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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Hello, everyone I am still here lurking and reading. I make sure I come here everyday to pledge nope for the day. Then I check it periodically throughout the day. I am still smoke free. I Haven't had a cigarette in 11 days. I have been keeping busy cleaning our the house and car. Going fishing, and hanging out with family and friends. Dealing with everyone and everything. Like I said I am coming here when I need to, sometimes reading, sometime posting on my blog or on the forum. Just wanted to let people know I am okay.
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    G’day Virus or no virus the answer is still ......NOPE!
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    Oh wow, did we go back in time? lol NOPE!
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    Over my four years of being on support forums I've seen a few people who just couldn't seem to get their sticky quit the first time. They start so gung-ho and post daily getting and even offering support from and to fellow quitters. Then one day they are gone...…….. When they resurface it's usually with tail between their legs hoping for the same support they received before they relapsed. And with the exception of some tough love, because some people just need that, they get the same level of support as they got the first time. We get it, quitting is hard for a lot of us and it sucks. Some even make new accounts out of embarrassment of their failed quits thinking too that perhaps a new account will help them get their forever quit. The problem with this is two-fold. One, you MUST OWN YOUR RELAPSE. It's the only way you can look back and see what you can do differently to help get your sticky quit. Two, it's not fair to the members who welcome you as a new quitter instead of who you are. You see the support you are going to be offered as a relapser compared to as a new quitter is quite different. Yes, we may get short at times but it's only because we care and don't want to see anyone have to continually put themselves through the hardest first few weeks of quitting over and over again. Yes, it may be embarrassing but we can offer you tips and clues based on our own relapses or on how we saved our quits from a relapse. There is nothing better for me than to see a chronic relapser finally get their forever quit. So own your relapse, come back on and lets get this done!
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    I took some advice and rewarded myself this afternoon. Since I'm recently-ish single again I took my ownself out on a date. SOMEONE has to! So this awesome chick named idontsmoke and I went for a mani-pedi and then got a burger. Masks, gloves, plexiglass and distancing were in place, so we were safe. Anyway, I kinda like this lady. I may have to treat her to nice things like that more often.
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    Nope...not during lockdown 2.0....not while livjng in Co-Vic....not ever , forever !
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    No smoking in next 24 hours! NOPE!!
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    Still 5PM on July 10th here, but I'm ready to take the Pledge for tomorrow and the whole weekend. NOPE!!! Have a wonderful smoke free weekend every body
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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    G’day NOPE .....Not One Puff Ever.... (replace Ever with Min Hour Day as required!)
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