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  2. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Stand by for more information
  3. Joe7

    Phrase Connect Game

    Let's not stand on ceremony
  4. I take terrible selfies, but here goes...…….
  5. Today
  6. So Google B1tch just told me that today is World Selfie day which one observes by Sharing a selfie... So let's get this ball rolling.....
  7. Good morning fellow NOPErs and welcome to the Winter solstice...oops most of you mob are Northies...so strike that, reverse it, and for the majority of you above the equator welcome to the Summer solstice...and your longest day of the year! And the start of summer/winter clothing down here when winter started 21 days ago because we are a tad lazy and just go by the months, none of that science mumbo jumbo that considers axis tilts, and positions in relation to that giant miasma of plasma we orbit around, Nope, down here tis simple, 1june - 31 August ... Winter....cos she'll be right. So regardless if it's the longest day if the year or the shortest day of the year there really is only one kind of day and that's a NOPE Day. Except today is also World Selfy Day...so head on down to the social threads to celebrate this with us...did you know Aussies invented the word Selfie...yep, cos we are pretty awesome at this language gig. Nope, cos nothing controls me but me
  8. Richard -- congrats on the first month. Always good to that one down. Still some work to do but it does get better!!!!!
  9. Congratulations again Richard
  10. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Standing room only
  11. Congratulations Richard, you're officially past the hardest month of all!
  12. Joe7

    Phrase Connect Game

    She made my heart stand still
  13. NOPE - I don't smoke anymore. Happy Friday, everybody!
  14. G’day NOPE starts my day
  15. Congratulations and welcome to the lido deck, Tammy! Thanks for all the awesomeness that you bring to this site. Celebrate big today.
  16. Congratulations on 1 month smoke free, @richard That first month is the toughest. I hope you celebrate today!
  17. Congratulations on 1 month smoke free, Richard!
  18. Well done Richard. I thought the first month was the worst. Stay focused on the goal and you will see success!
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