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  2. Octain

    Happy 420

    Smoke it, vape it or eat it. It’s a wonderful life. Do whatever you did before you quit smoking (nicotine). Just don’t smoke cigarettes. Period. Simple. Luckily for me, cannabis is not a trigger. HAPPY 420!!
  3. So I despise big tobacco, but not because I was stupid enough to buy their lies...that's all on me...I'm angry with them because they think it's acceptable to profit from making people sick, they know the product they sell addicts the users, they know the product hurts and kills them and yet they see no issue continuing to profit from others misery, even innocent bystanders...that's what pissed me off. They know and they don't care...they want people addicted...just don't know how they look at themselves in the mirror and say "I'm good people". I share this 100/%.... How can you justify ,knowing millions have died because of your product....and you are targeting children .....beggars belief ..... Dirty money ...
  4. Never been to Spain - Three Dog Night Where do you want to go?
  5. Congratulations DD! You're doing great!!
  6. @Sslip have an awesome hit out today...
  7. @Linda Thomas but at the time, when you were fighting a battle for your life you weren't in the position emotionally to stage a war on two fronts....at the time the battle of the pink ribbon was the one that counted....but you are a different person now than then....now the time is right for this battle.
  8. Today
  9. NOPE! for today. (NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! for last week :D)
  10. Thank you Garry, good to see you too!
  11. Yay Tammy! Great job reaching 10 Months smoke Free Let's celebrate then drive on to the Lido Deck. Coming very soon now
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