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  2. Never been to Spain - Three Dog Night Where do you want to go?
  3. Congratulations DD! You're doing great!!
  4. @Sslip have an awesome hit out today...
  5. @Linda Thomas but at the time, when you were fighting a battle for your life you weren't in the position emotionally to stage a war on two fronts....at the time the battle of the pink ribbon was the one that counted....but you are a different person now than then....now the time is right for this battle.
  6. Today
  7. NOPE! for today. (NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! for last week :D)
  8. Thank you Garry, good to see you too!
  9. Yay Tammy! Great job reaching 10 Months smoke Free Let's celebrate then drive on to the Lido Deck. Coming very soon now
  10. Great job Tammy. You should really be proud of yourself!
  11. Congratulations @Tammy for being 10 months smoke free. Well done on reaching double figures. You should be so proud of how far you have come from when you first quit ten whole months ago. The support you give to others, both coming behind and in front of you is inspirational. So work has been full on giving you less time here, but you still pop in when you can and we all rejoice. Make sure you do something extra special to celebrate this anniversary, double figures is such an achievement.
  12. @notsmokinjo I can't quote on my cell phone but what you said about getting sick and not giving in to going back to smoking says a lot. I always was so ashamed that I smoked through breast cancer. I would run in for my 15 min. radiation and then leave and light up. Looking back it was kind of defeating the purpose. That was not enough to scare me off cigarettes. I am not looking back. I am only going forward with the hopes of gaining as much life as I can.
  13. When I leave my "piss in the cup before we stop the bleeding job" later in this year, I`m going to get my legal in Arizona medical card for pot. I won`t smoke it because when I did and I never was a heavy pot smoker I always smoked cigs. I will stay with the chocolate with Martian5. Don`t trust myself enough. No smoke means no smoke. In my case, it doesn`t matter if I`m smoking pot or cow shit. No smoke is no smoke.
  14. NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you here Hope2Nope. We were about the same time on the QSMB and good to see your hanging in there.
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