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  2. Congratulations, Richard, on your First Month of Freedom ! Everything will be better and easier by and by.
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  4. G’day NOPE starts my day
  5. thank you appreciate that
  6. Whispers

    Hit and Run

    With that Mets Pen you never know.. Mickey blew up after.
  7. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-06-secret-shopper-easily-teens-e-cigs.html
  8. Great job and yes it will get better and it will last, just takes some time. Your are doing great!!!
  9. Day 34 and nope to ciggies. Finnally had a day and a half without the fog or aches lol.Kind of overdid it lol a little achy and foggy today but not as bad as its been is this a sign of things to come. if so cant wait to get to that better state if mind.Felt fantastic for the short pereod of time lol
  10. Joe7

    Phrase Connect Game

    Come back when you can stay longer
  11. Its going OK, still adjusting mentally to being an ex-smoker...i make a daily pledge to not smoking and i stick to it, taking life as an ex-smoker a day at a time.
  12. Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on your quit! How's it going so far?
  13. Thank you for the warm welcome and congrats on your long quit!! Thanks so much Amazing to see so many people on here with such long quits
  14. This is basically what I did too when I quit. Quit cold turkey as mentioned in my initial post and then immediately joined a forum. I spent a lot of time reading about addictions and posted on the forum straight away about having quit. It created a sort of a social setting, I would have to own up (or quietly disappear) if I messed it up. It was a massive help to read about other people's experiences, other smokers really understand it the best. I appreciated all the support of course, but someone who has never smoked just doesn't have the same level of insight into it.
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