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  2. Unsolvable puzzle
  3. I got an appointment at 3:00 PM
  4. I used to be a newbie. Does that count?
  5. Here's a link for you on No Man's Land. Click on the link to open.
  6. @reciprocity everything you have said made complete sense and helps. The forum is a lifeline for me and as you say everyone here understands. I might go and read up on some no man's land stuff later on this afternoon. I might get a bag of Smokey Bacon today to honour you
  7. Today
  8. That's why you stay close to a place like this where everyone DOES get it, what you are going through with your quit whether you are using NRT or not as a method to quit. As long as you follow a plan to use NRT products safely and properly with an aim to reduce and get off altogether then who cares. It's the path that works for YOU. You're getting into no man's land where most don't want to hear about the struggles you still go through in quitting. Your hopes and your fears about having a successful life long quit. The people here on this forum do though and that's when I believe it's most important that people stick around. Once that shine wears off the brand new quit and it's just down to working what you've learned until you are on solid ground. We don't stock or sell marmite crisps though - you're on your own with that one
  9. Ironically the thing that has tested my quit the most isn't me or smoking - it's other people. Oh you're using NRT You haven't really quit as your still using nicotine How long is this one going to last Then there's the "how to quit properly police". If you're not doing it how they think it should be done you're doomed. Oh and shops who don't stock marmite crisps. They are my go to crave buster and I get a bit panicked when I can't find them.
  10. 9 months is epic. Well done on getting another month closer to the lido deck
  11. Thanks for looking out for us Jillar. I feel I've turned a corner in the last few days. I'm feeling much happier in myself and I'm not just sitting around waiting to cross another day off the calendar. I still think about smoking a lot but I'm finally feeling proud that I've kept going
  12. Hey you 2018 Excigcutioners and 2019 Ashkickers, how are you doing? You should all be so proud of yourselves
  13. My deepest condolences to you and your family Doreen. Know that the love you so freely give to others is now sent back to you at this difficult time.
  14. Good for you MLMR! Congratulations on 9 months of freedom.
  15. I’m so sorry Doreen. I know you both fought the battle for so long. May peace be with you & free, deep, uncomplicated breaths be with him in his restful peace.
  16. Congrats, MLMR! Nine months quit is nifty! Your posts here have not only helped you get to this point but have easily helped quite a few others along the way...won't be long now til the Lido deck....celebrate this achievement and KTQ!
  17. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-9-kyTW8ZkZNDHQJ6FgpwQ
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