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  2. Good to hear ,you didn't buy any cigerette,s.... What's the point ...............Your health ...that's the point ...sooner or later smoking with catch up with you , You won that battle ...
  3. Today
  4. No shame in hiding like a child from freakin' idiots ! Glad you didn't smoke. Nurture this new super power you are amassing in every crave, every trigger you conquer. and Reward yourself !
  5. I think it was my addict reaction to another addiction....an idiot of a man that I was seeing and cut contact with some time ago. I saw him in the supermarket and hid like a child.
  6. Sazerac

    chicks or sticks

    -5 go away Sticks.
  7. Excellent, do not go back to smoking. What is the point in smoking ? Spending gobs of money to put your health and life in peril ? Gather and nurture your power as it is wrenched from addiction and be kind to yourself.
  8. Hello. I'm ok. Had my first real urge today....because of something that stressed me so the whole "whats the point?" question came to my head. But anyway I came home without buying any cigarettes.
  9. Sazerac

    chicks or sticks

    -5 hello darling smoke free creatures
  10. Day Four for you ! Congratulations. Most nicotine has left your body ! Day Four of Quitting Smoking Hang in there, Pumpkin. Do let us know how you are and if you are having any issues.
  11. How are you doing, @Beachmom23 ?
  12. G67

    chicks or sticks

    -4 Good morning.
  13. Runfree

    True or False

    False but I had it last night TNP has been to Niagra Falls
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