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  2. NOPE! for today. (NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! for last week :D)
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  4. Thank you Garry, good to see you too!
  5. Yay Tammy! Great job reaching 10 Months smoke Free Let's celebrate then drive on to the Lido Deck. Coming very soon now
  6. Great job Tammy. You should really be proud of yourself!
  7. Congratulations @Tammy for being 10 months smoke free. Well done on reaching double figures. You should be so proud of how far you have come from when you first quit ten whole months ago. The support you give to others, both coming behind and in front of you is inspirational. So work has been full on giving you less time here, but you still pop in when you can and we all rejoice. Make sure you do something extra special to celebrate this anniversary, double figures is such an achievement.
  8. @notsmokinjo I can't quote on my cell phone but what you said about getting sick and not giving in to going back to smoking says a lot. I always was so ashamed that I smoked through breast cancer. I would run in for my 15 min. radiation and then leave and light up. Looking back it was kind of defeating the purpose. That was not enough to scare me off cigarettes. I am not looking back. I am only going forward with the hopes of gaining as much life as I can.
  9. When I leave my "piss in the cup before we stop the bleeding job" later in this year, I`m going to get my legal in Arizona medical card for pot. I won`t smoke it because when I did and I never was a heavy pot smoker I always smoked cigs. I will stay with the chocolate with Martian5. Don`t trust myself enough. No smoke means no smoke. In my case, it doesn`t matter if I`m smoking pot or cow shit. No smoke is no smoke.
  10. NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you here Hope2Nope. We were about the same time on the QSMB and good to see your hanging in there.
  11. Martian5

    Happy 420

    Happy 420. Smoking is rough but sometimes I get a hankering for some "special" chocolate !!!!!
  12. Yesterday
  13. ^... Don't waste your energy on regret...what's done is done, why can't go back on time and change what we did but we can control what we do .... We have quit, we do not smoke, we have made the right choice....celebrate this decision don't waste time and energy regretting your past decisions it is negative energy and a waste of all your free time you have taken back Have pride in you choice to quit and tenacity to stay quit, don't waste a moment feeling shame or regret it will achieve nothing. Sadly for some of us we may have left it too late, but for many of us we have avoided that one ciggie that was the cincher....but for me when I got sick early in my quit and I faced treatment and I thought about smoking, (I mean what was the point in staying quit I was already sick), but you know what...I want to leave this life free of an addiction that controls me....I want to go out the master of myself. @Rozuki I'm sorry for you and your friend. So I despise big tobacco, but not because I was stupid enough to buy their lies...that's all on me...I'm angry with them because they think it's acceptable to profit from making people sick, they know the product they sell addicts the users, they know the product hurts and kills them and yet they see no issue continuing to profit from others misery, even innocent bystanders...that's what pissed me off. They know and they don't care...they want people addicted...just don't know how they look at themselves in the mirror and say "I'm good people".
  14. notsmokinjo

    Happy 420

    Happy 420....why not get baked without smoking....make some special brownies or cookies..
  15. Octain

    Happy 420

    Just in case you didn’t know, tomorrow, Saturday April 20 is national weed day here in America. A lot of people like to celebrate this day by consuming Cannabis. Problem is, a lot of people also like to smoke cigarettes while consuming cannabis. Kind a like how people like to smoke when they drink alcohol. This is not recommended. Smoke all the cannabis you want but don’t smoke no cigarettes. Happy day, everyone!!
  16. ^^^^^ Yipper can agree with that Octain!!!!!
  17. Nope No “cigarette” smoking on 4-20.
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