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  2. My favorite track from these young fellers.
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  4. I`m not sure how I feel about banning the sale. For minors, of course but what about cigs? What about recreational use of pot? Education is the key and I think truth in advertising and marketing would be a good place to start but that is not easy to enforce in our economy. It`s sad stuff.
  5. Congratulations Richard! You`ve got the hardest one behind you. Hang in there and stay strong. It will get easier. best wishes.
  6. Travie wishin he was a billionaire. Aint we all LOL. You have to watch this one all the way through.
  7. How did you guess @Whispers ?
  8. I tried that also before I found the forum. I thought they were just air and no nicotine. The Juule they have been advertising on t.v. makes it sound like you would be quitting if you use it.
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  10. @Linda Thomas i used Blu E-cigg , you see it on tv and people using it, they brainwash you. With Blu i was able to "think" i quit.
  11. Lilly just moved back to wherever her home was. That was a week or two ago. She said she would be out of touch. She seemed to be finally grasping her quit. Hoping the best for her.
  12. Well that is what it looked like. That is awful. I can not see where anyone would think that is better than smoking.
  13. This goes out to the lady with all the $ today.... (sits next to @jillar)
  14. I play here and there when i feel lucky. I would go to a bar and drink and they had quickdraw, this guy would come in and play 1-2000 on the game. He hit one time for over 40,000 and was chasing that feeling. He gave that $ back and some. What did you buy me with the winning? Met hat?
  15. Thats why these forums are great, we get to pay it forward and encourage and support people looking to quit this addiction. Where's @Lilly now?
  16. No, I don't play those. I tried years ago with no luck
  17. You dont play the daily? like bday or your quit date 529 or 0529?
  18. Time for Lotto and some Scratch off luck , Nice track @Octain
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