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  2. Pumpkin Is 9 Months Quit Today!

    Thank you everyone! Just need to work on the resulting weight gain now!!! Onwards and upwards......very slowly! Pumpkin xx
  3. 5 days!

    Of course at three weeks and three months there is sometimes a nasty battle where we want like hell to smoke again. Just keep in mind that you were able to go 11 days without a smoke, so you KNOW you can survive without another coffin nail. So by now, notice how food actually taste better and you can smell stuff again? Plus, all the stupid inconveniences of smoking are no longer a bother. Like trying not to run out, having to make a special trip to the store, lighters stocked, etc...
  4. Today
  5. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    Right on bat. It is good to see people are posting sexy GIFs for you Next year - same guy but in fishnets with those short shorts. You can do it.
  6. Wednesday 17 th January 2018

  7. 5 days!

    Nice going O. Keep your foot in it.
  8. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    Thanks everyone. I missed it. I was looking forward to the milestone and it slipped right by me. Oh well there's always next year
  9. chicks or sticks

  10. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    Look who pops up at mention of Bat....I know there is something going on there....Either you two are doing it...the horizontal mumbo...or swapping spit......OR your the Same person....Batman/Ginger depending on which outfit you got on.
  11. Super Newbie just signed up

    You’re in the right place!! Keep it going. Great people willing to help.
  12. Super Newbie just signed up

    ^^^ This pretty much sums it up!
  13. chicks or sticks

  14. chicks or sticks

  15. The Jersey Boys !!

    It’s fabulous! A musical broadway type show with very talented professionals! Loved it!!!
  16. chicks or sticks

  17. Super Newbie just signed up

    Welcome Katie. Listen to the others and read, research and reach out as needed. Everyone here is a great help. They all have been at my side for the last two weeks. It is not easy but it is not all that hard, just commit and remember 1 hour 1 day at time and remember NOPE -- Not One Puff Ever (believe it or not that one statement has gotten me through a couple of tough times this last couple of weeks and this site as well).
  18. chicks or sticks

  19. The Jersey Boys !!

    Hahaha.... It's a Broadway show that's touring all over the world
  20. Yesterday
  21. 5 days!

    Thanks! In my 11th day. I swear with my addictive personality, If I can, literally anyone can. Allen Carr smoked 4 packs a day. He quit. No matter how bad you think you got it, somebody has got it worse. I never thought for a second that I would be a non-smoker, even for 11 days. Hell, 1 day... They do nothing for us. They take away our health, our time and our money.
  22. The Jersey Boys !!

    LOL - what's a Jersey Boy? Is that like "Babe of the Day" thread or a guy that just wears jerseys? Quesque c'est?
  23. 5 days!

    Way to go Octain!! You've got this!
  24. 5 days!

    Yes, indeed! Everyone here is doing it!!! I never thought I'd be here either....
  25. The Jersey Boys !!

    HAHAHA! Why that reaction?!?
  26. Pumpkin Is 9 Months Quit Today!

    You are my hero, Pumpkin! Congratulations!
  27. Daily exercise log for everyone :)

    You two are hard to keep up with! 30 minutes elliptical yesterday 60 minutes kickboxing today
  28. Super Newbie just signed up

    Welcome Katie and congratulations on your quit. Read, read and post and let us know more about you and how you're doing. You can do this!
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