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  5. Hey Hey 11/20 - Joe's 4 Year!!

    I have a surprise for him!
  6. chicks or sticks

  7. chicks or sticks

    -1. -2. I. Slow post. Think me and horney road was posting same time
  8. chicks or sticks

    -2 no cheating... we had a rough Saturday night like Pinky did... no foul.... lol
  9. How Did They Quit?

    Father .. 2 pack a day smoker ..... influences . His dr and emphysema diagnoses and determination .... quit with tooth picks , peppermints and nope . Once he quit there was never another word about smoking in our home . Never a complaint how hard , how easy , He was just done . Brother quit long before online support as well ... same method Toothpicks , peppermints and nope . Neither slipped or relapsed .
  10. Sunday 19 th November 2017

  11. HMR

    What is the HMR diet ? One day at a time . Quitting smoking tools can help with the weight loss too . Please do . Let us know how it's going . Cheering you on .
  12. chicks or sticks

    Some cheating going on again by the sticks!!!! Bakon you could be -3... Joe you should be -2 And I'm -3..
  13. Toxic beware

    I just went to the night at the age of 18 with some older folks that smoked and before i noticed i was borrowing some smokes here and there. I bought my first pack shortly after and i was a 1 pack a day smoker not much after. I think it was an age thing, peer pressure thing thingy. Its done though, i wont be putting those horrible toxins in my lungs again no thank you!!
  14. chicks or sticks

  15. Sunday 19 th November 2017

    No smoking here .
  16. Hi there!

    Congratulations Albert on your decision to quit . My dad would always say if you start something Abby .... stick to your guns . He was such a great guy .. he had emphysema and heart disease . A two pack a day smoker . Quit cold turkey . He stuck to his decision Albert. Never looked back . Proud of that guy . Stick to your guns about your decision Albert . You can do this . Will there be some challenges ? Likely but because of those challenges our quits get stronger and our our life gets renewed to that of a non smoker in time Keep moving forward ; don't turn back . One day you will look back and say "wow" look 👀how far I've come ! QT is smooth riding and it will take you on an adventure with friends . Welcome aboard .
  17. chicks or sticks

  18. Hi there!

  19. Toxic beware

    I thought it was cool. Then I was stuck. Now I am cool.
  20. Sunday 19 th November 2017

  21. Toxic beware

    I took my first puff in 1961..at the young tender age of eleven... I hung around with older kids, and wanted to be !!! Just like them !!!! By twelve I was a addict... What does a eleven year old care about ???....health related illnesses..... Not alot.... Smoking back then was made to look so cool... Even when I had my two babies in the seventies....it was OK to smoke on the ward...after all we deserved a smoke didn't we ????? Abby is right the tobacco companies always come up with better and safer ways for us to get your little fix..( sigh ).. It wasn't till all the health warnings started ,that my brain started to think..maybe I should stop doing this... By this time I was well and truly hooked ,I tried to quit hundreds of times ,always to fail... So how come this quit was different?? My smoking days were brought to a grand halt..I was at risk of amputation... Education...knowledge....joining these fine folks...who believed in me.... So at the wonderful age of 62..I quit...for ever....have i dodged the bullet....I don't know....all I know is... I'm smoke free...and will spend what time I have left ...FREE.....
  22. chicks or sticks

    -4 Wakey Wakey Quit Train !!!
  23. Sunday 19 th November 2017

  24. Sunday 19 th November 2017

    I Don't Smoke On Sundays !!!
  25. Toxic beware

    I wonder about that part too of " does quitting now mean I am off scott free from cancer or smoke related disease ?" That is my main residual problem of having been a smoker for 15 years. No one gets out of here alive. Even if smoke related disease DO creep in long after someone has quit, it would HAVE to be to a lesser degree or at least onset later than if we never had quit. Of course there are folks who have never smoked a puff NOR been around smokers a day in their lives who get lung cancer or whatever. One never knows. Even if health risk remains unchanged for some who quit, there is less damage to our wallets when we quit. Plus all the other undeniable and readily evident benefits of quitting like no longer smelling bad or inconvenient stuff like "needing a cigarette but cannot smoke anytime soon". No more inconvenient trips to the gas station. Some who refuse to quit say things like "You gotta die of something". This is fact. What else is fact though is it sucks massively come time to pay the piper. Mine might be a weird reason to quit BUT - I decided finally I didn't want to "pay the piper" any more nor sooner than I already may have to. 40 something isn't an age to think, "I gotta die sometime of something". Screw that, i want to live. I do not want to give any pleasure to those who cannot stand me by kicking off any sooner than I have to.
  26. Toxic beware

    Once I was hooked on cigarettes all good sense went out the door and denial set in . Things like " I had lots of time to quit "were things I told myself . I believed those paid drs words because I was an addict and they were words I wanted to hear and the excuse I needed to keep smoking . When filter tips came out I was convinced they were safer too ... why . again .... .because I was an addict. .. Did I really think they were safer ... deep down .... no . But I was so flipping scared . What if I succeeded . Wow ! No more smoking. How would I live my life without a cig . Its been an amazing journey . One I will never regret . I doubt others here regret their decision too . Was quitting easy? Was it hard ? Nope .. Was it worth it .... oh ya! I believed so many lies and made up so many lies as an addict .... it was crazy stinkin thinkin ! I believed less nicotine was safer , less tar was safer .....all to protect my addiction . I don't lie to defend addiction any more . Today I live in truth . I believed I was trying to quit for years until I realized trying was getting me no where . I waited until it was almost too late ... I knew I would have to change my thinking . I would have to do whatever it would take to get the job done .....and ..... that's what I did . Now... what has come of all that struggle and hard work ? I don't worry anymore about the consequences of my addiction . I have done the best possible thing I can do . I don't feel guilty . I love being able to breathe , to live and I am proud because hard work paid off . Did I make a mistake smoking .. yes .... does it mean I am off scott free from cancer ? who knows ; but I am dang proud to be an ex smoker . That in itself has been worth it. You mention some really good reasons for not going back to smoking. It's good to remember the ugly part of smoking. Congratulations on your quits everyone. . No matter how you have chosen to do it let's keep it simple . Let's keep it consistent , let's keep it forever . Not one puff . Not one puff ever . No more shackles !
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