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  2. WeegieWoman

    Can you see what it is??????

    This cracker was in the paper yesterday. Can you spot what the guy took a picture of? I couldn't....
  3. Joe7

    Linked Words Game

    Name tag
  4. Joe7

    Phrase Connect Game

    It's written all over your face
  5. Today
  6. Doreensfree

    Can you see what it is??????

    Oh Yes !!!!....I see it ...lol... I only hope my eyes don't stay cross eyed......at the moment they are crossed over ...
  7. notsmokinjo

    Can you see what it is??????

    @Doreensfree's got the cool gene! I found you and boo...
  8. Wee fluffy me

    Linked Words Game

    Place name
  9. Wee fluffy me

    Three Associated Words Game

    Vegetable soup salad
  10. Wee fluffy me

    chicks or sticks

  11. Doreensfree

    Can you see what it is??????

    This !!!!!!......I can see it .....I can see them all......Wow.!!!!...amazing ....the picture sinks in ...for me .... Can I join the youngens now ????......
  12. Doreensfree

    Saturday Poll: Eggs.....

    Scrambled for me ...Yum...I love Eggs...( No Bakon ) ...don't go there.... Boo makes a nice pancake for breakfast ....whaha....
  13. Doreensfree

    Cbdave...are you safe from Cyclone Oma?

    Hoping your safe and sound Dave .!!!
  14. I worried about you with the floods and I knew they were North Qld so you would be safe....but reports down here are Oma is heading south not north ....hope you are safe.
  15. andyc941

    chicks or sticks

  16. MLMR

    Kdad is 5 months smoke free!

    Wow, 5 months already! The months are lining up nicely. Well done, upwards and onwards, steady as you go!
  17. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Can't give details cos I know at least one northerner watching it after the event.. but let's just say it's a win to Melbourne
  18. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Yes Reci it's a hockey tournament..🙄...
  19. Hope2Nope

    Sunday 17th febuary 2019

  20. Rozuki

    1 to 20,000 in pictures

  21. reciprocity

    What are you doing right now

    So; that's a hockey tournament ..... right?
  22. reciprocity

    chicks or sticks

  23. reciprocity

    Kdad is 5 months smoke free!

    Great Job Kdad! 5 months smoke free is evidence that you have built a strong foundation for your forever quit! Be sure to treat yourself to something nice in recognition of your hard work
  24. notsmokinjo

    What are you doing right now

    Sittin on the couch at me dad's watching my Melbourne Renegades play his Melbourne Stars in the big bash final.
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