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  2. I haven't had a single craving or even passing thought of smoking in well over fifteen years, yet I have periodic smoking dreams like the ones you describe. They're deeply unsettling. A friend of mine who has advanced training in psychology and whose insights I value suggested to me a few years ago that the dreams probably have nothing to do with my quit proper and instead may be a way for my subconscious to examine/express broader issues like success/failure, the "imposter syndrome," etc. Christian99 17 1/2+ Years Quit
  3. another nice girl ruined yesterday tears
  4. October's Zoological Events
  5. jillar


    Sorry you didn't make it to your sisters today but glad you're listening to your body and taking that much needed rest. When I first quit smoking I was exhausted for months so I can't imagine going through what you are on top of that. I hope the CBD helps you get that full nights sleep you need
  6. Boy hellkat, I was beginning to think you were superwoman. I knew that radiation had to hit sometime. Your body needs to recoup from the radiation. Accept the fact that you are going to be tired for a while. Fortunately, it will not last forever. Can't believe Deadpool jammies come in adult sizes. I bet you look cute! I just googled the CBD/THC. Isn't it amazing how they have found cannabis to have such great medicinal value. You are doing so great handling all these new challenges. That positive attitude is going to carry you through all this. Take care and rest.
  7. hellkatbaby


    Actually today things seemed to catch up to me as far as the side effects of the radiation. They said by week 3 I would be feeling the fatigue and boy where they right. I never did make it to my sisters and just cat napped in and out most the afternoon and still feeling tired and achy. I hope a long sleep finds me tonight because I'm starting to get moody and agitated and that's not the state of mind I want to be in. One of my girlfriends gave me a CBD/THC 1:1 capsule to help me sleep so I took about an hour ago so we'll see how that goes. She was prescribed that to come off her Xanax and for back pain. Mine just aren't helping anymore and I'm not about to move up a dose. To be honest I'd rather go all natural for my anxiety/insomnia vs a synthetic that's just going to put strain on another organ. I've been researching (always digging in that rabbit hole) and it just seems to make more sense. Not to mention all the other side effects it helps relieve during treatment. I also made sure the would be no interaction between that and the pill I will be taking for treatment and there is no interaction risk and found they actually did a study on it with positive results. So on my Wednesday appt. I'm definitely bringing up getting off the Xanax and moving to the natural. But on the bright side got my Deadpool PJ's on so maybe that will also bring some better vibes and energy tomorrow!
  8. jillar

    True or False

    False, at least I don't remember ever having one TNP has won over $1000.00 at one time
  9. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    The heart of the matter
  10. Angry friends take everything rudely Angry
  11. Congrats on one month hellkat. Keep that positive attitude and the rest will be easy.
  12. Hmmm, those all sound legit so I'll guess 3 is the lie only because it'd be great if 2 was true lol
  13. Thank you - thank you!! To celebrate I'm chilling out in my Deadpool PJ's for the night lol!!!
  14. Yesterday
  15. reciprocity

    Your Move....

    I used to play chess but I'm a sore loser.
  16. Rest up and wring out your liver @Linda Thomas. We go again day after tomorrow No one ever said it would be easy as an Olde-Pharte on the Quit Train
  17. Great achievement Grund. Congratulations.
  18. MLMR It's often said, "Let the chips fall where they may." I'm glad you fell here. Congrats on one year!
  19. Dominatrix resumes after premature ejaculation after
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