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  2. Thanks Everyone! Yes, yesterday was a very sad day. But it will be fine with a little time. My wife and youngest daughter made the decision about the cat being put down. I totally agreed with the decision they made. We maybe could have kept her a little longer, but there was no reason to let her suffer when the vet says there's no fix. On to day ten. I was told to come on here and explain how I'm feeling as my quit goes along. Day nine was the worst day I've had in this quit by far! I Had the worst craving and urges today, well yesterday now. I held up, but it was really hard not to not give in. I continually used many different distractions. This started early in the day and only let up a couple of hours ago. Then I logged on here, as I do every night before I go to bed, and read all your comments to me. People that really helps! I'll be able to move on from here. I have to get my mind back in the game. My quit has to come before everything else. I'm completely drained of energy and at times I feel sick. A little nausea combined with nervousness, both at the same time. I'm not going to panic. I know what's happening, and I need to hang on for another day, then reassess things. I'm not done, just slowly tiring. @Sazerac I will watch the videos you recommended in the morning. @Boo I will be very grateful when I feel confident in this quit. So far I've been a little shaky and fragile in my quit. I Thank You for reminding me that it can or will happen with Nicotine the same as it did with alcohol. I'll be praying for the time. Take Care!
  3. What food group do grits fall into?
  4. Can you drive down to the south right now?
  5. Ogres offering nachos
  6. Stay strong. You are doing great.
  7. Qualified to cut bangs. But the videos were so
  8. Can you only eat grits in the south?
  9. 20 YouTube videos don't make you
  10. Marbles all over the floor
  11. So sorry about your cat, that's so hard. They are family.
  12. You mean where they eat grits?
  13. Welcome JohnQ! Sometimes the excitement in the beginning keeps you going, then reality sets in and kinda freaks you out. When you decide that Smoking Is Not An Option, there is no failure to worry about. No smoking. No Matter What Not always easy, but we are here to support you. It's your choice, so take control. This is your sticky quit. Believe it. One day at a time...............
  14. Haven't you ever been to the south?
  15. Do people really eat chicken and waffles?
  16. Easing restrictions soon
  17. From and including: woensdag 22 augustus 2018 to but not including woensdag 27 mei 2020 Result: It is 644 days from the start date Or 1 year, 9 months, 5 days Or 21 months, 5 days Or... 55.641.600 seconds, 927.360 minutes, 15.456 hours, 644 days, 92 weeks. And... 176,44% of a common year (365 days)!!!
  18. It was a tough day today. I was super cranky! @Mona I felt a little wobbly after each step. (Someone used the term “wobbly” somewhere on here. I think it’s perfect to explain how you feel.) It only lasted for a few days for each. I’m hoping this last one is the same. I did go for a walk and dig out in the garden a bit. It does seem to help.
  19. Doesn't chicken and waffles sound good right now?
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