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  2. All lemon lovers own watches WITCH
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  4. jillar

    Phrase Connect Game

    Lost in the moment....
  5. That was one of my first and most welcomed benefits of quitting: my eyes cleared up. For years I blamed allergies, contact lenses, and lack of sleep for my dry bloodshot eyes. I quit smoking and the issues with my eyes cleared up. In fact, I quit in early March right before the start of the allergy season here in a region that has been dubbed by some "The Hay Fever Capital of the World" and even during that first Spring and Summer...no problems with my eyes. And the benefits of quitting just kept adding up from there.
  6. Joe7

    Phrase Connect Game

    It can get lost in translation
  7. HA! I think this is the one...
  8. Can't remember a zanier year. ALLOW
  9. Congratulations @Phoebe2 on 5 years smoke free. Thanks for all the help and inspiration you have provided others through this time.
  10. NOPE - I don't smoke anymore.
  11. I have a phone app that enabled me to keep a quit smoking journal. I did it almost daily my first year and fairly often my second year. Here’s what I wrote just a few days shy of 4 months (the same time frame you are now experiencing). March 17, 2016 F%€£ing intense and sustained cravings all day long! #%¥& sh&t whore!!!!! I look at that now and laugh . What I do want to get across is that you will have some tough moments ahead even though you think it should be over by now. It can take a while before you stop having strong cravings that seemingly pop out of nowhere. Be assured that they do eventually disappear and life becomes infinitely better. Hang in there.
  12. Sex (Oops ... did I say that out loud?)
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