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16 November ~ grateful to be free



Hello Folks,

It's been awhile since I stopped by.      I am feeling wacky and grateful these days.   I had a serious lapse of reason last month sometime.  

Bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked one.    One of those wildly effed up moments when it makes sense to just make things worse.        Turns out I don't smoke.   It was awful and I smoked less than half the cigarette.  Gratefully, my husband had already tossed the pack.

Have not thought much about it since.  Wondering if I will hold on to my freedom in the future.

Building a solid quit takes commitment to nope.  Maybe I am not always committed.  Haven't changed my ticker....  maybe I will.

At any rate... pretty sure I discovered I don't smoke.    Have no desire to at the moment.   


Hoping you all are finding your way in freedom and having much laughter and love in your lives.







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