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18 July - 4 months free and wobbling




seat still warm on the train, yet I seem headed toward the exit sign at this station.


Lonely amidst a group that love me  ~ a familiar feeling.


A lifetime ...well 37 years, of poor or rudimentary skills at dealing with discord and BIG feelings have left me adrift over the last few days.  Not surprised...no one waves a magic wand , or puts out the smoke, and magically fills the 'space' with graceful replacements....or maybe they do and it is just me.



anyway not much of light and hope to say....


still here...hurray!.



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You are still here darcy, and that's a clear sign that you want this. Don't sabotage it by a few bad days. We've all had them, even never smokers have days on end that are bad and never think hmmm maybe I should take up smoking. I promise you, just hang in there because it gets so much better with time quit. 

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Just do your own thing Darcy. Why worry about others and how you stack up to them or their experience as a quitter. We are all different. We all quit differently but in the end, it is our own choice as to how we quit and become free or whether we bow to our addiction and begin feeding it again. Why should you not be entitled to enjoy the benefits of being smoke free? Just do it your way because .... your way will be PERFECT for you😍


Your quit is still relatively young. Be patient. It will continue to get better and easier as time goes by. That doesn't stop at some point. It's a continual process. Give it time, lots of time. You'll see ...............

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