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17 June ~ still Free and grateful



Just stopped by to learn, connect and share a bit.

Best of everything to Boo.  May your adventures bring many belly laughs and your love overflow and change the world!


Quick acknowledgment of the gratitude for my non smoking life.....

LOVING every minute of not arranging life around smoking

grandkids coming to stay for a month...won't even have to THINK about what I am role modeling by smoking  because I DON'T SMOKE!!!  much laughter aloud at that truism....YAY

my marvelous man is deeply grateful I am Free!

I do not give a single thought to how I might smell when in public (although I am not often in public)

I am wheeze free in breathing

I choose where to sit and what to do not caring if people an see me or I am polluting their space...because I do not smoke

I am more active and sometimes have more energy

conscious and aware of cultivating true health and healing....step are taken...2 forward, 1 back and loop around the floor

Quit Train and the dedicated people here .... THANK YOU for your giving and continuity....makes a world of change possible

my life is truly being lived beyond my wildest dreams in many arenas... thank you, thank you, thank you...


I have people coming to stay that are smokers.  I've got this. I  AM FREE!!   giphy-1.gif



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Wonderful update on your smoke free life Darcy. Just be sure to set ground rules for yourself and the smokers who are coming to visit. For them, a designated area OUTSIDE for them preferably away from any open window and even out of your sight line.

For you, a plan to stay in while they smoke and come here if you have ANY thought of just one puff! 

Please remember that your quit is still new and although it's good to face triggers its also wise to have your support nearby in case it's too soon for you. Something tells me though that you'll be fine 😊

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Also don't be afraid to ask them to either move away from you or to keep them put up out of sight and out of reach. Just keep us close and let us know how you are doing.

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