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If You Are Thinking Of Quitting

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I have been dabbling with quitting since the nineties. My quits varied in length ie 10 minutes, 10 hours and now and again weeks. I threw the towel in on every quit I had because I just wasn't willing to endure a bit of discomfort. It was much easier to go and buy a packet of cigarettes than it was to feel "out of sorts."


I would provoke arguments at home so I could blame the other person for driving me back to smoking. I would get a flat tyre and be dancing at the roadside because nobody would expect me to keep my quit under such trying circumstances. I wanted to be a non smoker but at the same time I just couldn't let go.


If you find yourself in the same position then join the forum and ask for help. Reaching out to people who have already quit could be the missing piece of the jigsaw for you like it was for me. I did it a couple of days ago and am so grateful to everyone who took the time to encourage and share their hints, tips and recipes for success. 


I found out today that when I smoked a cigarette I kind of did it on auto pilot.  I would think of a cigarette, light it, smoke it and put it out. Today I really concentrated on each cigarette and realised they don't taste great at all and I didn't enjoy any of them. The realisation that I actually was just an addict getting their fix was a bit of a revelation. I always disputed that theory and was adamant I loved smoking but now I know I was blinded by my addiction. 


Read this site as much as you can because it really is a treasure chest of information. Set a quit date and stock up on plenty of quit food. You will get so caught up in the excitement of quitting here you will be desperate to start your own quit. As they say here you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 




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Posted (edited)

This is such a great post, Lilly.  Realizing that cigarettes do nothing good for you and that you are only being a slave to the addiction is indeed, eye opening.

Understanding addiction has changed all of our lives and fueled our quits.

You are on your path to your successful quit.


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Great stuff Lilly :) The realizations you talked about come to all of us sooner or later and they are key components in helping you quit and stay that way when the Nicodemon comes calling. Glad you are on your way to your life long quit :) 

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Thanks Sazerac and Reci.  


So this time tomorrow I will be somewhere in Day 1. I'm very excited but I keep getting waves of doubt. I'm not worried as I'm not going to let anything stop my quit tonight, I'm just confused as to why I keep getting those moments of pure panic. I know nicotine is sneaky but how can it be playing tricks with my mind when I'm still feeding it?  


I have planned this quit with military precision and all that's left now is to cling on tight and put everything I've learned into practice. 


If there's a prize giving night here I'm definitely going to be a contender for BIGGEST DRAMA QUEEN 😮😮😮

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You are just having the Per-Quit jitters Lilly :) The anticipation of something like quitting smoking is always a big deal because we see it for what it is - a major change in our day to day lives. More often than not though, the anticipation is worse than what you'll experience once you put your mind to quitting and start actually doing it. Then it's just a matter of not taking even one puff - that's it! Simple but hard to do and get comfortable with it but, it is achievable and we here are living prof of that. You are the same as us only, you are at the start of your quit and we are just further along that same road. 


You have planned for this quit so, just follow your plan now. Don't listen to that voice inside your head that wants to prevent you from being free from this addiction! You know better than that now.

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You couldn't have posted that at a better time.


That was posted one minute before my quit started 😮😮😮


Thanks Reci 😀

Edited by Lilly
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