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nicotine replacement therapy





Quit Date: 07/13/2012


Posted March 2, 2015 · IP 

It's not what you think...at least not in this post.


Many people who "attempt" to quit smoking hope and pray for it.  They just crush their last few cigarettes when they are sick of themselves...of course, they just put out a cigarette when they do this so they feel all brave.  (20 min later--digging through the trash to find those cigarettes--I admit-I did that)


Then you have those that do quit--they just "put it down" and never looked back.  My dad was like that.  One day..he just decided and never once did he claim to have a hard time.  He never took a puff after that...not one.  It's people like him that all smokers look up to...hoping one day that we will wake up and just not want to smoke any more.  I waited for that moment for 15 years and it never happened.  Not for longer than 2 hours anyway. 


Most people who have an addiction--whether it's to smoking, food, drugs, alcohol, people, sex...whatever it is...they can't just "put it down" without a replacement.  There has to be a plan...there has to be an alternative.  Simply refraining from smoking is not enough...even though that's all you have to do to stay quit....one day at a time, just NOPE.  But still...something has to be put in it's place.


This is why many quitters who are not fully educated about the addiction gain weight..or drink more..or may engage in other activities not healthy for them.  Their life and situation gets worse and they blame the fact that they quit smoking....when in fact it was because they didn't find a healthy alternative.


For me...that replacement was exercise, meditation..and eating healthy.  It's become my new addiction.  Makes perfect sense since quitting smoking is all about taking care of myself and healthy living....I love it and I don't mind that I'm a little obsessed with it.  I dream about running sometimes...and when I am heading to work and see someone running..I am jealous and want to be running too...I am constantly looking up new healthy recipes and finding fun activities I would like to try that involve fitness or just "moving" like kayaking and rock climbing..I bought a bike over the winter and can't wait to get on it.


What's your Nicotine replacement therapy?


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This really rings for me right now.  I have quit but have been practicing NRT therapy.

The worst may be nicotine lozenges when I feel I am going to lose my mind.  The second is over eating.  I have always loved to cook for my family and when my son was  in his teens they all wanted to come to our house because they knew they would be fed well. Got to admit I miss those days!  Now I cook and there is only me.  If I bake cookies or bread I take some to the neighbors and I freeze cookie  and pizza dough for my son and his family. I also find that I drink to much because I have chronic migraine and don't sleep well.  I know this is not good but I just try to focus on one problem at a time, right now that is to quit smoking.  I struggle, I want to smoke but I know if I do that once I will have to start over.  The first time was difficult enough so there is no going back.  

I lost weight going through my hip replacement but have gained it back.  I think better to have gained weight and stopped smoking.  Once the weather cools (it is 100 here today) I can get back out there and walk and get the weight under control.  You know that old saying "Man can not live on bread and water" but I am going to tell you man can live on water, bread and "BUTTER". Thanks for all you do!


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