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Mindset Really Is Everything





Quit Date: 07/13/2012



Posted August 23, 2014 · IP 

There have been discussions recently about NOPE and how it doesn't resonate well with some.  I understand that feeling.  When I was fresh in my quit the first few months, I wanted to believe those that have quit before me.  I wanted their sense of peacefulness and satisfaction with life without the cigarette.  I just couldn't imagine it and the daily restlessness that was occurring made it even more difficult to wrap my brain around it.  

I tend to have a scientific mind.  I want proof of things.  I had a hard time just saying NOPE...


But one thing I knew.  These people weren't stronger than me.  They weren't special.  I was not more addicted nor was my circumstances any more unique than theirs.  I have had tough times in my life..just like them.  So, I decided....I am just going to "go with it".  I will put all my faith in NOPE (blind faith).  I will eat, sleep, drink, laugh, and walk NOPE.  ( a few times when I craved, I would actually go for a walk and with each step, over and over I would chant the letters N.O.P.E, not one puff ever...smoking is not an option.  Over and over...over and over....(took a peek; no--still unsettled, still not feeling it)  so...continue...NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE


Finally finally finally....around the 6th month..i started to really feel it.  I got it. 

Doesn't mean I always felt it...the first year was a struggle at times...I'm not gonna lie...but once i "got it"  I knew I would "get it"  again.


Just got back from a vacation.  I am more than 2 years quit.  Vacation was peaceful and relaxing...sometimes too peaceful and boring at times....those were the times i would have filled the void with a smoke.  Especially because the person I was with smokes like a chimney and was constantly out on the balcony puffing away.  My cravings this past week were incredible.  No weaker than they were 2 years ago.  The difference is...I know better.  I know it's a trick...I know it will pass...and I know I will be a happier, healthier person because of it.


So.....I went for a lot of runs to burn off that energy.  It worked...I came back a non smoker...and 3 pounds lighter!  :)


So you see.....it matters not how long you are quit.  There are people who have quit for 15 or 20 years who still want a cigarette at times....and some of them..because they are not educated about nicotine addiction...they actually stayed quit "in spite of" themselves and their thinking.  They think they gave something up.  When in reality, they escaped. I am grateful I am not one of those people.  Could you imagine refraining from doing something you desperately want to do for 20 years...day in and day out??  no....not me..and if that was the case....I would never have quit smoking.  I would have resolved to stay a smoker for life.


It really is simple...it really is easy...and NOPE is really truly the way for me.  It really is.


Easy peasy




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Has anyone told you yet that you are an amazing, kind hearted and helpful person. I don't really know you, we will most likely never meet but I think this applies past this board.  I hope this gives you pride and joy to know how many people you help everyday. You make a difference in the world!


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