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Newly Quit? Stay Away From Smokers...




Rain Forest

Quit Date: May 13, 2009

Posted April 21, 2014 · IP 



When you first quit smoking, the most horrible people to be around are the ones still smoking, and it’s not because they smoke.


It’s because they don’t understand at all, you are making them feel guilty as hell because you are doing what they “wish” they could do, and they are almost worst than the Nicodemon and it’s craves: they try to get you to smoke.


I relapsed a few times before I found my sticky quit… but I sure remember when I first started “trying” to quit, I was still working in an office… all my smoking buddies would come by my desk to get me for our breaks, even offering me a cig… I heard it all, the “so you’re still not smoking?” and “I wish I could quit too, here, come have a smoke with us, one won’t matter.”  Then even worse, they hid from me as if what they were doing was sneaky.


I felt particularly bad for this one woman I worked with because she is the reason I quit smoking.  She had been to the doctor and was told if she didn’t quit, she’d be dead in a few years because of various health issues… so they put her on Chantix and she was able to quit smoking… now I saw this: she wasn’t upset, she didn’t seem to have trouble with her quit… so I went to my dr and asked for Chantix too… then I used it… well, the first time I lasted a few months (I was still not educated on my addiction, didn‘t have a clue what I was doing)… my friend ended up going back to smoking as soon as she stopped the Chantix.  But I couldn’t keep happily smoking… once I was quit for more than a few days, I started to see that it’s possible to quit for good.


It took me another year before I found my sticky quit, so please, even if you relapse, DO NOT QUIT QUITTING!!!  You can do this, you truly can.  Do not give up.  One of these times, a bell will go off in your head... kinda like what the fox says... DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING!!! lol


This past year, my friend had a really huge scare… they found something on a cat-scan on her lung, and she was terrified that “this is it”.  She lived thru the whole Christmas holiday in fear, thinking the worst… she told me she will quit smoking if it’s not cancer…  Well, after the new year, she found out there was nothing there, she was ok.  She’s still smoking with no plan to quit.  God, I hate to say this, but she is gonna die a smoker.



Are you?

Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/831-newly-quit-stay-away-from-smokers/



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Sarge just wants to add a data point here: You don't have to avoid smokers. Just decide that you are not one of 'em.

Mrs. Sarge smoked for the first 3 years of Sarge's quit. 
(She's been quit 6+ years now)

For 3-ish years there were Smokes ... Lighters ... Ashtrays ... Packs ... Cartons ... <EveryDamnedWhere>
In the house. Every room. 
In the garage. 
In the cars. 
In the barn. 
Smoking paraphernalia everywhere. 

None of it matters. 
When you're done, you're done and it doesn't matter what's around you. 

When you decide you're done, when you're ready to actually Quit ... none of it matters. 
You'll have to learn to live with people who smoke, anyway, right? They're everywhere. 
Learn to say "No" and *mean it* and you'll be just fine. 
Sarge promises. 

All you need do is decide you're done. 


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