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So here I am, day 2

Posted by Evelyn , 19 May 2017 · 277 views

Here I am. Day 2 and I'm not gonna blow myself up. Just gonna write where I bump into, what triggers me, what helps.... etc.

I've found a big trigger. Which was already mentioned... Coffee, in my case too much coffee - I get all sparkly and hyper and my cravings become more intense. So - luckily I use instant coffee - I'm gonna be careful how strong I'm gonna make my coffee.

I'm gonna quit the friggin gum (not NRT gum I quit CT) because my stomach is killing me. Ugh. I felt like chewing a whole package a day - but my stomach isn't liking it... so into the trash.

In a year I want to be able to read back and say 'yeah I pulled it off', not by bluffing just by sticking with NOPE.


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May 19 2017 03:03 PM

Yup - you gotta just tough it out for the first bit. It will get easier after that but there's no avoiding the hard part. Yes, most people find having something in their mouth, whether it be gum, candy or mints is good because it keeps your mouth busy. If coffee is a huge trigger, maybe consider laying off it for at least the first couple of weeks? I know that's tough as I love my coffee too but you gotta do what's in the best interest of keeping your quit going. That HAS to be job one :)

Evelyn I have stomach problems and have for a very long time. I had to stop chewing gum as the artificial sweeteners were killing my stomach. Even had to switch my yogurt and stopped consuming anything with aspertane and sorbitol. Terrible ingredients. Yes stick to your nope 

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