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Our Very Special Doreen Celebrates 4 years SMOKE FREE Today!!!

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 07 August 2017 · 238 views

Congratulations, Doreen!!!


The POWER Of Nicotine Addiction (VIDEO)

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 25 June 2017 · 415 views
Nicoctine addiction
Video explains the full power of the grip that nicotine can take on an individual and the consequences that can be faced if a person does not quit smoking. https://www.quittrai...o-2014/?p=46136


Don't Let A Slip Put You Back To Using (Video)

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 15 June 2017 · 417 views

Video stresses the importance of drawing a clear line in the sand regarding the issue of whether or not to take a puff. Another alternate title for for this video could have been "should I reset my quit meter?" https://www.quittrai...ntion/?p=129975


NEW VIDEO: Are You Questioning Your New Year's Resolution To Quit Smoking?

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 02 January 2017 · 436 views

New Years Eve is typically a time when many people decide to make a resolution to quit smoking. New Years day or shortly thereafter many of these people question that resolution and usually throw away their quits. This video explains why this often occurs. https://www.quittrai...o-quit-smoking/


Am I Protecting My Quit? Are You?

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 19 November 2016 · 341 views

Like most ex-smokers with long quits will oftentimes say, I rarely... https://www.quittrai...e-you/?p=193268


"Caring For Our Recovery" by John R. Polito

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 30 October 2016 · 813 views

There are three primary factors associated with relapse: (1) rewriting the law of addiction; (2) an excuse; and (3) a vague memory. It doesn't matter if it happens within two hours, two days, two weeks, two months, two years, or twenty, the factors remain the same and apply to all of us. https://www.quittrai...-by-john-r-p...


VIDEO: Is Your Nicotine-Free Electronic Cigarette Actually Nicotine Free?

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 29 September 2016 · 612 views

Recent studies show that some electronic cigarette fluids being marketed as nicotine free actually contain nicotine. Video discusses the real danger for any former smoker who tries one of these products. http://www.quittrain...-joel/?p=189291


NEW VIDEO: When Did I Actually Quit Smoking?

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 20 August 2016 · 359 views

Many long-term former smokers have a difficult time remembering the date or even the year when they actually stopped. This video explains an important underlying message of their inability to recall what many people would think is an unforgettable date. http://www.quittrain...-joel/?p=187101


Video: Acknowledge The Negative But Dwell On The Positive

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 31 July 2016 · 482 views

Video discusses benefits of working on developing a positive attitude about quitting smoking. http://www.quittrain...ntion/?p=130110


Confession Time: Telling All by Sherri L.

Posted by MarylandQuitter , 03 July 2016 · 356 views

TELLING ALL . ( caps are emphasis only)

OUT OF SIGHT , OUT OF MIND ? I Hid cigarettes in my coat pocket and convinced myself I didn't know how they got there. That was CRAFTY , SLY , UNDERHANDED , INTENTIONAL and I AM GUILTY . It never did help me quit .

The DELIBERATE ACTION : I Kept lighters ... threw away the smokes, and the ashtrays, but co...

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