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wordpress business plan was a waste of my time and money

Posted by onthemark , 12 May 2017 · 229 views

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A special thanks to Pearlie for reaching out and being Pearlie.
so i was doing totally the wrong thing yesterday wasting hundreds of dollars and not getting anywhere except an incomprehensible website about bbpress

i defnitely do not recommend the wordpress business plan to do what i am trying to accomplish. So I cancelled that after finding someone to chat who explained how i was wasting my money, and it is true i was. he was right.

I am not so happy with the rest of our chat and realize that the communication problem of needing to repeat the same thing over and over again even though i had already said it was important and getting runarounds instead of honest answers to my questions.

Main concern is security. Anyone who wants to help me right now and is an expert on security send me the best article you know of to maximize security in wordpress with least effort. I do want to understand security before putting up anything and getting blown off on a consult with a ridiculous answer to a security question made me realize i am not going with this guy but will pay him for his chat time on google.

this is the worldwide license for onthemark. there's a detailed discussion on the landscape of copyright and online forums in the private room "off the record". Make 20 posts here and you can read and contribute!

the website quitsmokingandcancer.com is under construction at the moment...

I can be reached by email at drbenwaynumber9@gmail.com

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